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Wisconsin is looking for Troy Fumagalli and others to be forces in the Badgers' offense in 2016

The fifth of BadgerNation's 12 part series, we look at the Wisconsin tight ends and if that group has the talent to push the offense to a high level.

During his seven seasons coordinating the offense at the University of Wisconsin, Paul Chryst saw the Badgers’ offense average 408 yards per offense four times in a season. While there were a lot of reasons Chryst’s offense rewrote the record book, one of the constants Chryst had to work with was a multi-tooled tight end that aggravated defenses.

Whether it be Travis Beckum, Garrett Graham, Lance Kendricks or a young Jacob Pedersen, the Badgers’ offense always seemed to function at a high level when it has a big bodied tight end who can throw his weight around in the running game and stretch the field in the passing game.

The personnel second year tight end coach Mickey Turner has doesn’t scream long, athletic burners, but Chryst sees a group that can provide Wisconsin with some quality options.

“We’ve been fortunate that we’ve had a lot of good tight ends,” Chryst said. “They’ve all been a little bit different. I actually think Troy (Fumagalli) has got a chance to be a really good player. I think he’s a good player now, but he’s got a chance to be really good. Kyle (Penniston) is a young, but I’m anxious to see where his growth and development goes. You obviously recruit to it a bit, but it’s our job to adjust to it also that (the offense) plays to their strengths. When I look back and think about the tight ends we’ve had, Travis is different than Lance and different than Garret. I think we’re going to be good offensively. We’ve got to get significant production.”

Of the seven tight ends listed on UW’s fall camp roster, the one player that presents the fewest levels of intrigue is ...

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