August 18 morning practice report, part 2

Wisconsin began its fourth day of two-a-day practices Monday morning at the O'Connor Center. Here are news/notes from the session:

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  • Owen Daniels had an impressive practice, including two of the morning session's best plays. On one, he broke down the seam and caught what would have been a deep touchdown pass in live action. Later in the session, Daniels made a terrific diving catch on a deep corner route.


  • The play of the day, however, goes to cornerback Brett Bell. Quarterback Jim Sorgi delivered a nice pass to Lee Evans on a deep out, but Bell made a terrific break on the ball, lunged forward and extended to tip it away.


  • Bell made a habit of great coverage Monday, but Sorgi and Jonathan Orr got the better of him on another highlight reel play. This time, Bell was right on Orr's hip as the receiver ran across the middle, but Sorgi rifled a perfect pass and Orr snagged it. Bell timed the play perfectly, making the hit right as Orr caught the ball, but Orr held on.


  • Jim Sorgi made an impressive play before and after the snap today. He audibled at the line and hit his tight end for a ten-yard gain. It wouldn't look huge on the stat sheet, but everything was right about the play. Sorgi stepped to the line and immediately saw something, changed the play and delivered a perfect strike to Jason Pociask as soon as he set in the pocket.


  • Defensive ends Jason Clemens and Traison Lewis have been in the mix for playing time all fall and they appear to be moving closer to the rotation. The duo has received work on the second team nickel defense since the team began working nickel last week. Now, they are receiving a lot of reps with the second unit defense as well. Freshman Justin Ostrowski appears to have slipped to the third defense, with redshirt freshman Joe Monty rotating with Lewis, Clemens and DT/DE Mark Gorman at the second unit end positions.



  • Goode made his presence felt in pass coverage today. Reserve quarterback John Stocco rolled out and threw to Brandon White, but Goode was there to make a hit and knock the ball away.

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