August 22 Alvarez Verbatim

Wisconsin concluded fall camp practices with a closed-door mock game at Camp Randall Stadium Friday morning. Here are comments from coach Barry Alvarez following the session.

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Did you get the questions that you needed answered during camp?


"I don't think there is any coach who has every taken the field in the first game that doesn't go in with some apprehension until you see guys do it. I have a pretty good idea of what I think we'll see. I think I have the answers, but you still have to see it. I want to see guys tackle full speed and tackle good backs. I think we have done enough of that (in practice)."


What are your impressions of the whole camp?


"I thought we had a good camp. It was very physical. I think our new turf really helped us get through it. I like the alternate days. I think it helped our players stay fresh. I will be interested to see what some of the other coaches around the country have said. I think it really did help the players. I wasn't crazy about the freshmen not coming in early as you know, but I think it helped the guys for a camp the way we run it, being physical, I think there were a lot of benefits to (having fewer two-a-days)."


Did Jim Sorgi have the camp you hoped for?


"Jim had more good days than bad. You are not going to be crisp every day. I thought he was especially crisp today. Today is hard. A mock game is very hard because it is hard to set a tempo. Offensively if you are not crisp it really can turn into a sloppy mess. But I thought he was particularly crisp today and knew where to go with the ball. All in all I was pleased with his camp. I thought he was pretty good.


How do you feel about Lee Evans' camp?


"I feel good. Lee I think forgot how sore you get when you practice when you first start football again. I think after having that layoff it probably took him a little longer than it would in normal year or that it did in the past. I think he has really made a lot of progress during camp. I have seen him be more and more confident going after balls, putting his foot in the ground. He is not being reluctant to go in and mix it up with other guys.


What surprises did you have in camp?


"I didn't know anything about the punters, but I thought Kenny DeBauche really competed well. I thought he got better and better as camp went on. When we put him in tough situations he really seemed to respond. I was very pleased with him.


"I think Owen Daniels will give us another dimension on our football team. I couldn't be more pleased with his progress and how he has learned a couple of different positions. He has a chance to be a big time player."

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