First Impressions, part 3

Badger Nation's initial look at the 2003 recruiting class culminates with a look at the "skill" position players.

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QB Tyler Donovan

Donovan looked out of sorts in the first few days of camp. Once that passed, however, Donovan put on display flashes of brilliance. He is a tremendous athlete with a quality arm and above average mobility in the pocket. He seemed to be picking up the offense pretty well. More impressively, he held up well physically when Matt Schabert missed a few practices, forcing Donovan and the rest of the quarterbacks to take quite a few more reps. Donovan receives all of the reps with the scout offense, so this was even more severe on his end. With the Badgers having a spectacularly good time recruiting quarterbacks this fall, Donovan will have quite a competition on hand in years to come, but he looks poised to make his presence felt.


TE Kurt Ware

Ware did not receive many reps or opportunities to catch the ball in live scrimmaging. He was one of six tight ends (including Owen Daniels) receiving reps at the position throughout camp. Ware looks the part and showed Big Ten level talent in drills, though. He will hone his skills on the scout team this year, but will certainly compete for playing time in the years to come.


FS Casey Hogan

Hogan will work with the scout defense this season. He has good size and athleticism but did not receive many reps this fall.


FS James Kamoku

If anyone looks the part, it is Kamoku, who is listed at 6-2, 200 pounds, but looks bigger than that. Kamoku, though, looked hesitant at times this fall as he picked up the flow. At the same time, however, he displayed the athleticism that led to his recruitment. Kamoku combines good size with speed and good ball skills. When he picked up the play he flowed to the ball well and he broke down extremely crisply when making a tackle. Few freshmen are as technically sound as a tackler. Kamoku is likely No. 5 at free safety right now, but he has the talent to produce down the road.


OLB Brandon Kelly

The latest Bedford, Ohio native to grace the Badgers roster is another solid talent. OK, he is not Lee Evans good, but the kid can play. Kelly has good size for a drop linebacker at 6-4, 220 and he flows to the ball very well. He is No. 4 at the position, with two juniors and a sophomore ahead of him, so he will have to bide his time, but Kelly will be a productive asset down the road.


P/PK Paul Standring

Standring falls into the realm of incomplete. He did not receive many reps in live action drills so it is tough to get a read. At one point, though, he did seem to be pushing toward competing with Morse and DeBauche at punter, though that tapered off. He will redshirt and is listed No. 3 at punter.


RB Michael Turner

Turner recently decided to leave the team for personal reasons, but is expected back soon. He was a productive player this fall. Turner is exceptionally quick and fast. Perhaps too quick and fast. The coaches worked repeatedly with him on his patience, teaching him to wait for the opportune moment to cut up field and turn on the jets. Turner appeared to be getting it. He is No. 6 at tailback with no discernable chance to move up any time soon, but he has talent, and speed, to burn. Turner, like prep teammate Ernest Mason, has eye-opening speed. He is a little on the small side, but, then again, so is Anthony Davis by conventional logic.


WR Brandon Tobias

Tobias has eye-popping talent in every way imaginable. He is huge for a freshman receiver at 6-5, 215 and he made highlight reel plays throughout camp with a combination of speed, agility and catching ability. It is amazing for freshmen receivers to stand out on a team loaded with talented receivers. Tobias and the rest of the freshmen receivers did just that.


WR Jonte Flowers

Very tall and athletic, Flowers needs to add size and strength, but the tools are all present. He is quick and fast, with exceptional hands. He will have to improve and develop significantly, though, to earn playing time in this crowded corps.


WR Luke Swan

Another superb young talent at the position. Swan catches absolutely everything. He is the ideal possession-style receiver. A superb route runner with adequate speed and quickness. He displayed a knack for getting open on short and intermediate routes no matter who was covering him and I never once saw him drop a pass.

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