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Chandler (AZ) Hamilton outside linebacker Brayden Flynn gunning for a Wisconsin offer

Having had success recruiting Arizona in 2016, Wisconsin is keeping tabs on Chandler (AZ) Hamilton 2018 outside linebacker Brayden Flynn.

After the state of Arizona provided Wisconsin with a high-potential quarterback and an impact defensive lineman in the 2016 recruiting class, the Badgers’ coaching staff continues to keep tabs on the state for underrated talent.

Chandler (AZ) Hamilton junior Brayden Flynn qualifies as such.

The 6-3 junior has been on Wisconsin’s radar since a high school camp this past summer and welcomed him to Camp Randall Stadium for the regular season finale against Minnesota.

“I’ve never been a part of something so amazing in my life,” Flynn told BadgerNation of his unofficial visit. “I’ve gone to college football games in Arizona and nothing compares to what Wisconsin has. It’s so crazy how a town all comes together to watch the game. Even if they’re losing, they’re never quiet, trying to hype the team up. The environment’s great, the temperature is way better than Arizona and just being here really means a lot.”

Wisconsin has been in contact with Flynn for almost a year. Flynn emailed his film to offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph, who had been to Flynn’s school previously to recruit current freshman defensive tackle Garrett Rand.

“He’s a great guy,” Flynn said of Rudolph. “I like Coach Rudolph a lot.”

Flynn has also been in contact with assistant recruiting coordinator Paul Meunier, who speaks to him nearly every week.

“I love him so much,” Flynn said. “He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He’s always enthusiastic. It means a lot that I have the opportunity to talk to a staff from a top-10 team in the nation. I’m so blessed by the opportunity that I’m getting.”

Wisconsin is recruiting Flynn as an outside linebacker. Flynn plays defensive end in Hamilton’s 4-3 defense, leading his high school division with 14.5 sacks this past season.

“The way (Vince Biegel and T.J. Watt) play is amazing,” Flynn said. “I can see myself being at that position and I love playing that position in the 3-4 defense. I love outside linebacker way more than defensive end. If I get the opportunity to play that it would be amazing.”

Flynn said Idaho New Mexico and Wyoming appear the close to offering him. He said his goal is to increase his 215-pound frame 15 pounds, saying that and a strong start to his senior season could earn him an offer from Wisconsin.

“Rand told me when I go to Wisconsin that I would never want to leave,” Flynn said. “He said if I had the opportunity to go there, go. Garrett loves it there.”

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