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Badger quarterback Jim Sorgi addressed the media at Wisconsin's weekly news conference.

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On varying the number of catches for the receivers, do you expect that to vary from week to week?

"I think so. It just seemed like this week Brandon Williams and Lee (Evans) were the guys catching the ball. More of a focus this season is getting the backs and the tight end involved. As you saw O.D. (Owen Daniels) had a couple catches and Dwayne (Smith), Bernie (Matt Bernstein), and A.D. (Anthony Davis) had a catch. I just think it all depends on the focal point of the defense. This week, Jonathan (Orr) and Darrin (Charles) did not get too many catches, but you never know, next week they might be the guy that is open more often than not. Just like coach Alvarez says, the unselfishness of a football team. We are there as an offense. Darrin and Jonathan did not show any signs that they were mad or upset that they did not get a catch or anything like that. It is just going to vary from week to week on who gets most of the balls. It will be dictated by the coverages."

On Sorgi's first win as a starting quarterback:

"My confidence level is high now, as I think the team's is. You look back and that is a pretty big win, going into West Virginia. Morgantown was a tough place to play. The fans were really good. They were tough on us. Going into a hostile environment and coming out of there with a win, a win that we had to come from behind late in the second half to get. I think coach said it best in the locker room; that is the kind of game that builds character. It was kind of nice with a win on the road, my first win as a starter, and the first win of the season and then to come back home for three straight games. I think that game is going to be a catalyst and I think it will carry us through the next couple of games."

On taking a different approach to running the ball than in past seasons:

"When I run the ball, I try not to give the defense a clean hit. It is okay if I glance a shoulder pad or something like that. I tried to get out of bounds a couple times. Coach Alvarez always talks about telling me to slide, but I kind of found it hard when I am in the game and trying to get yards to hold back and slide. I found it easier just to fall forward. I think it helped in a couple of situations when the second or third guy missed me and just hit each other. It has been a focal point for me. I am just trying to get my shoulders squared at the line of scrimmage, go north and south and if the defense starts to collapse, I move east and west and get out of bounds."

Do you have to remind yourself to throw the ball away to avoid contact? There were a couple of situations where that seemed to happen.

"There was actually a couple. There was one on a screen that did not work out that I waited a little long and I took a hit before throwing it away. There was another one where the guy kind of caught me from behind, I got it off but I took a couple shots that you do not really want to take. I am going to think about it when I am out of the pocket now and just throw it away sooner so I do not have to take that hit."

What grade would you give your pass protection?

"I give the O (offensive) line an A for the game. I had all the time in the world to throw the ball when I wanted to throw the ball. I went through my reads down the field and when I did not have anything I had to check it down to the pack and I had plenty of time to do that. I did not really get a lot of heat. Most of the heat came when my first read was not open and I moved around in the pocket a little bit, trying to find a second and third read and then when I let go of the ball and got hit. It was not really where I had a lot of pressure and was always going to my first read. If my first read was open, I could have thrown the ball without getting hit pretty much the whole game. It usually happened pretty much when I was going to my third progression and it was starting to collapse a little bit. I had all the time in the world to throw the ball. I thought the line with three new starters just played great."

On taking the offensive linemen out to dinner for the first time in new weekly tradition:

 "It actually went pretty well. The bill was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I took a little bit more money out of the bank then I should have. We had a good time. It gave us a chance to relax. I do not know if we are going to keep it a tradition at the same place, but it is going to be on Wednesday nights and I think it is going to be a week to week thing now, especially after the win."

On the fumbled snaps:

"You know what, I heard a rumor that I hurt my pinkie, but nothing like that happened. I also heard a rumor that people said me and Donovan (Raiola) were fighting on the sideline and the coaches had to go back and forth between us, but there was nothing like that during the game. I did not hurt my hand or my pinkie and there is no conflict between me and Donovan. We go on rhythm snaps and sometimes when you change it up as much as we do with two or three motions or the first time going on one. Maybe because it was the first game, my rhythm might have been a little off or Donovan might have quick snapped me once or twice. It is not a problem and I do not see it being a problem in the future."

On running different personnel groups throughout the game:

"It actually went pretty smooth. The one delay of game on the second play of the game was me. I was checking on the play. I was trying to get us to a better play with the passing situation and did not give Donovan the signal that I needed the ball quick on the snap. I think we missed it by a second so that was me. That kind of actually settled me down, to know that this is a game and this is not practice anymore. The coach is not going to let you run the play after the play clock gets to zero. I have to pick it up a little bit. Running the different personnel groups in and out of the game, there were a couple times we had guys running into the huddle late, but it was nothing where I could not call the play and get them where they had to get. I thought it went pretty well for the first game, especially with all the different personnel groupings we ran and with all the plays and different formations. I thought we got in and out of things pretty well."

On Owen Daniels's contributions on Saturday:

"I knew he was going to contribute. I just did not know it was going to be that much that early. As a quarterback for two years, as he was, and my back-up last year, he knows if certain people come, he's hot, blitz protection, hot routes and coverages and where to find the holes in certain defenses. It is really comforting just to have him out there because I know if I have to go to him in my second or third progression that he will be in the right spot. That one play where we ran a seam route and they blitzed, he was wide open and I should have got him the ball. It kind of surprised me that he was that wide open. He gave me his eyes and it was good to see that he got into the rhythm of the game and was able to be that successful."

On being more willing to throw away the ball instead of forcing the play:

"Just getting older and looking at the football team, I do not have to force things. If it is a first down or second down, I do not have to force a throw to get a first down because I know I have one or two more downs to get it. I know with the weapons that we have on offense that we will be able to get those third downs and second downs in situations where we need them. I am not going to take chances. I do not want to hurt the team or hurt the offense and put the defense back on the field right after they got off by giving the other team the ball. If I do not have anything, I am going to throw it away. I want to be a guy that can manage the game well. By doing that, it is being efficient and I am not going to give the other team the ball. Whereas, two years ago, I would force that dig into Lee or I would force that post into Jonathan Orr. Now if I see a safety in mid-field, I am not going to do that."

How do you protect the team from overconfidence in these next three games?

"Even coming out and beating West Virginia, I do not think, well you can never play a perfect game, but I do not think we played the game that we expected to play going in. We know we can get better. The offense knows that we should have put up more points than we did, getting into the red zone, getting inside the 35 as much as we did, especially in the first half, and not putting points on the board. We have to learn how to finish on offense. That will be the focus for this coming game and the other games to come. We know we cannot relax. You look at a team like Akron … when we played Northern Illinois last year, they took us down to the wire. We do not want to let that happen. We want to come out and we want to play well, make it a four quarter game and play as perfect of a game as we can and just show everybody what we can do on the field. I think all the guys on this team have something to prove. I do not think they are going to let that slip away by taking an off-week."

On attacking Akron's defense early:

"It is important in a game like this to jump on them early. You have to get confidence in yourself and show them that you can play. It is important to get them down and thinking maybe they do not have a shot to win this game. I expect Akron to come in here pumped up. It is a big game for them. They might have given up 41 points to Kent State, but I am expecting that the defense will come in here fired up and I am expecting that they are going to put some pressure on us. If we execute like we should, we should be all right. That is how the game goes. You do not know how it is going to go from week to week. Until the game is over and we win, I am going to expect it to be a four quarter game."

On the new turf:

"I am one of the guys that love the new turf. Playing at West Virginia last weekend, they had similar turf to what we do. Getting down and getting hit on it takes away from a lot of those cuts and scrapes you would not normally get on a regular artificial surface. I love the new turf. I think it is soft so you do not land as hard. You do not get as many turf burns in situations. It may not be as fast as the old turf we had but I think it will help with a lot of injuries around college football. (reporter clarification) When they first put it and we threw on it and practiced on it, it was a little soft and some guys were losing their footing and stuff like that. I think we got a pair of shoes that certain positions need to wear and I do not think that will be a problem."

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