Wisconsin now a top team for Indianapolis (Ind.) Ben Davis athlete Reese Taylor

After extending an offer, Wisconsin now leads along with Indiana for Indianapolis Ben Davis athlete Reese Taylor.

When Indianapolis Ben Davis athlete Reese Taylor started receiving text messages during his last class of the school day from newly named Wisconsin defensive coordinator Jim Leonhard, asking to give him a call, the last thing he expected was a Wisconsin offer.

Having not spoken to anyone on the Wisconsin staff, Taylor had no inkling he was on the staff’s radar. As Leonhard began to clarify that he had good news for the rising 2018 athlete, Taylor’s excitement grew to the point he became loss for words when the offer was finally extended.

“It was just great,” Taylor told BadgerNation. “I didn’t even know it was coming. Coach just started texting me...He told me to call him and it was an offer. I was shocked, like did Wisconsin really just offer me? I was too hyped to believe it.”


As soon as he learned of his Wisconsin offer, Taylor immediately thought of the recent success the Badgers have enjoyed during the last couple of seasons, which only increased his awe at the offer.

“It’s not even believable for me,” said Taylor. “There’s a chance to do really big things (at Wisconsin).”

When prompted to explain some one of the things he appreciates to Wisconsin, who is recruiting him as a cornerback, Taylor immediately raved about the Badgers’ triumphs in developing professional players.

“It’s crazy to even think about,” said Taylor. “That’s a big part of Wisconsin and what they do. It’s really good.”

Academics will play a major role in Taylor’s decision, which also benefits the Badgers.

“That’s number one from the jump,” Taylor said. “I’m always academics first.”

No visit is to Madison is scheduled for Taylor at this time, but he expects to see Wisconsin at some point considering how he views them.

“Wisconsin and Indiana, they’re my top two,” Taylor said. “They are my two (co-leaders).”

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