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Wisconsin looking to Zander Neuville to fill an underrated hole in the Badgers' offense

Wisconsin has a handful of pieces it needs to replace on its offense that have been highly talked about. One that isn't mentioned is the blocking tight end role, a spot Zander Neuville is looking to master.

Wisconsin will enter the 2017 season with new running backs, a new left tackle, a new starting wide receiver and a young quarterback. That doesn’t seem as daunting when the Badgers will have an All-American caliber tight end in Troy Fumagalli.

While his role isn’t as prominent on the pecking order, junior tight end Zander Neuville knows he’ll have a big role in making sure Fumagalli gets open for receptions and the young running backs have holes toward the end zone. It’s a big change to what Neuville was responsible for just six months ago.

Because of the logjam ahead of him at defensive end, Neuville was switched to tight end late in fall camp last season, forcing him to play catch-up with the position knowledge throughout the 2016 season. The move brought excitement to Neuville for the opportunity to get on the field but a learning curve since he hadn’t played offense since high school.

“It was really hard the first couple of weeks, just trying to learn the plays and the different techniques of the tight end position,” Neuville said. “It’s a different mentality than defense.”

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