Fans reflect on 1993 season

In the September Issue of Badger Nation Magazine, fans were offered the opportunity to send in their reflections on the 1993 season. Two of those reflections are published here. Fans wishing to contribute their reflections may do so by e-mailing

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My wife and I were at a black tie Christmas holiday party in Ann Arbor, MI.  As we left around 11:30 p.m. (EST) I remember our friends asking "where are you going?".  We answered we were going home to watch UW beat MSU in Tokyo to go to the Rose Bowl.  They all laughed.

After UW won very late that night, we made up a handmade sign something to the effect of "Rose Bowl Bound" and taped it to the bedroom door of our then 9-year old daughter.  We were off to CA for
1/1/94!  My daughter and I had earlier attended the 10-10 tie with OSU, where we nearly froze to death—it was cold, windy and snowing for a part of the game!!

Our Michigan friends gave us very much good advice as they attended the Rose Bowl so often.  Things like where to park, how to avoid traffic, what to do and what not to, etc.

One of the great pre-events (since no longer done) was the "Big Ten Dinner of Champions".  It was a big dinner, where each team member was introduced, with various
Hollywood types as entertainers later.  It was great fun.  Somehow we had much better seats than the Wisconsin governor.  Go figure.

Many have reported that the whole place was red, red, red.  And it was.  I will never forget looking down the main Rose Parade route and seeing NOTHING but red.  Nor will anyone who was there forget the UW Band turning the corner onto
Colorado Boulevard starting "On Wisconsin" and everyone singing like crazy.  It was fabulous!

We had wonderful seats.  Just as the game was starting, over the edge of the stadium floats an inflatable, black and white cow small hot air balloon (really).  Of course the entire crowd turns from the game to watch (briefly) the cow float over the stadium.  We have pictures for the nonbelievers.

It was a very tense game.  Bevell's run was one of the biggest in school history for sure.  we partied all night and flew home the next morning.

Due to the UW-Michigan game near tragedy, the Rose Bowl police were certain the UW fans were going to kill one another.  They surrounded the UW Band and only let them play the 5th quarter in a very small area.  FEAR THE BAND, was the order of the day I guess.

Bill Rauwerdink '72
Ann Rauwerdink '73

p.s. We have been to all three Rose Bowl games and 1994 was the best.





1993.  The season, for me, was totally centered on the Michigan State final conference game. I was at that Sunday social affair in the Tokyo Dome. Not as a group traveler from Wisconsin, but as a Madison alum and an eight-year business resident of Japan.  What a long draught from UW

football, a real void in foreign life style.


1993.  Who is coming to the Coca-Cola "Bowl"?  Bucky Badger!  The Band! Barry!  And his teenage Cast!  So the summer before, contact with Coke managers assured game tickets and honorary seating at dinner on game-eve. What a pleasure to meet Coach Alvarez, other UW dignitaries, some players (who were ushered away early from Tokyo nightlife—who could afford it anyway?)


1993.  December 4 game day and 20 seats on the "50" were enjoyed by our company's Japanese and American management.  Fresh roses for their spouses pre-celebrated Wisconsin's hopeful return to the Rose Bowl. 


As Badger Nation noted, the crowd's lack of football acumen was overwhelmed by the continuous 120-decibel din typical of Japanese sporting events.  Jim Miller of MSU,  and until recently a Chicago Bear, was a thorn in our side deep into the game.  But, whew, Bucky prevailed!


1993.  One more memory from the Dome: The New York Times reported on our group as bi-national; as Tokyoites; as red rose and red pompom carriers; as led by an old alum, who when a senior UW student had attended Pasadena's heart-breaking 0-7 loss to USC, January 1, 1953.


Written by Keith Johnson

Peoria, Illinois  61614



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