Wisconsin-UNLV postgame, Jim Sorgi Verbatim

Badger quarterback Jim Sorgi was interviewed by the media following Wisconsin's 23-5 loss to UNLV

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Opening statement:


"Any team in the country can beat any team in the country on any given day and that is what happened today."


Did you have a bad day today?


"I had a rough day. It was hard to get into the flow of the game, especially on offense. When you turn the ball over five times it is hard to get into a rhythm. We had our chances. We were down in the red zone I don't know how many times (5). We should have punched it in, we should have won the game. We will get better. We have another week."


When Anthony went out, was that a big spark that was all of a sudden missing from your cylinders?


"Well yeah. Anthony is a great player. He is a key component to our offense. We have guys who came in and filled the void and ran the ball well. He will be back."


What about you, will you be back?


"Yeah, I will be back. I'm not going nowhere. I have nine more weeks of football to play and I'm going to play every single one. Hopefully next week things will be better. Next week things will be better. We are going to prepare better and not take anything for granted."


Would you ever have believed five points after the offense put 40 on the board last week?


" It is tough to believe. But just like I said, fumbling in the red zone a couple times and a couple picks, you know. I'm not going to make excuses, the ball is wet or nothing like that. I have to put it on (target). Those should have been completions and they weren't and I put that on me."


You were sacked eight times today and took a number of hits, how do you feel physically after this game?


" I feel alright. I have a couple bumps and bruises. A couple of injuries that came back but nothing that should keep me out of next week's game."


How frustrating were the sacks?


Sorgi: It was pretty frustrating. They were blitzing from everywhere. We tried to pick everything up with different types of protections. It worked most of the time but some of the time it didn't. Trying to find a lane to throw the ball and… it just happens.


You changed your position behind center a few times, were you experimenting a little bit?

"We were trying to move the pocket a little bit, maybe get outside the pocket, get some quick throws in. We (felt) we were going to have some lanes, have some holes, have some big plays on offense, throwing the football today. That is what you are going to do. When you throw the ball you are going to get some sacks and you are going to hit some big plays and we did both."


What happened when you left for a series, were you just trying to regroup…?


"Just regroup. You are watching from the sideline for a series. Get poised, get focused and get back out there. Things were moving fast in the first half. My feet were a little jumpy. I wasn't really setting my feet and throwing the ball. After that series I came back and started throwing the ball better. Second half I started putting the ball where it needed to be and the guys were making the catches. We just hurt ourselves and just started to hurt ourselves when we didn't need to hurt ourselves and it cost us the game."


Is it surprising that you did not score a single touchdown today?


"It is. Especially after the offensive performance we put up last week. Close to 600 yards total offense last week and this week we didn't even come close to that. To only turn the ball over once in the first two games and then to turn it over, I believe, five times in this game is pretty hard to swallow. There is going to be a different attitude around the offices and around practices. There is something we have to do just to get more focused, more poised and go out there and play consistently week-in and week-out."


How was your grip on the ball affected by the weather?


"It was tough…I should have put the ball on them. It was wet out there, I think everybody got wet that was at the game. You have got to be able to throw the ball in those conditions. Who knows if it is going to rain from Saturday to Saturday. It was tough. But most of the time I had a pretty good grip on the ball. A couple I wasn't gripping it all that well but I can't use that excuse."


What were you feeling when you came off the field?


"Of course I was frustrated. You look at this offense. It is a big-play offense, but it is an offense that we can do it down-in and down-out. When you shoot yourself in the foot like we were doing on offense today—we were getting some big plays and getting down in the red zone and things were going well, things were going well and then a penalty, a turnover—it is not us, it is not what we do. I think everybody knows it and everybody is going to try to regroup and just come back. But we have to take a good hard look at this game and why we did that and make sure we don't repeat it."


Does your confidence get shaken or are  you just angry?


"I'm upset. I'm upset with my performance today. I didn't play horribly but I could have played better. I could have played a lot better and put this team in a better position. I don't think…We have to take a step back and look at this game but I don't think we have to worry about where we are at. I think the things that we do we do pretty darn well. We are going to continue working, continue preparing. Today they outworked us, they out-prepared us. I don't think anybody when they look at our football team, especially on the offensive side of the ball, says we are lacking in any one area."


Other than the turnovers, what contributed to the offensive struggles?


"Other than the turnovers—We had a pretty good game plan going in. With the blitzes, how we were going to pick them up with the protections, where we wanted to hit receivers in certain holes, and we did that. We wanted to run the football—we started to run the football. Really, you know, you look at the turnovers, there is really nothing you have to focus on. You always want to get better and you always want to be your best. You look at the turnovers and the points they got off turnovers and where we turned the ball over it is tough to win when you do that."


Was the ball sailing on you out there Jim?


"Yeah, it was. It was coming off the hand kind of weird and it was going high. You have got to be able to play in the rain. I am pretty good in the rain normally. I remember the Virginia game a couple years ago and I played pretty good. I had a pretty good grip on the ball, but it was coming off high today a couple times. The two picks were high, they should have been completions."


Did you think you had  some chances early to make some plays that went awry?


"There was. That one on the goal line where it came off my hand and went over Paciotti's head. That would have been a touchdown, he would have caught the ball and scored on that. The interception to Brandon Williams—it was high. It should have been a completion. The one where I went to Brandon Orr and that was intercepted, it was the right read, right throw. I just have to hit him in the numbers. I saw the "9" (Orr's number) and I just didn't hit it. But that is what I have to do."


Can you talk about Jamaal Brimmer's play?


"He played a great game. We knew they were going to come in blitzing him. That's their big play guy and of course they want to get a hit on the quarterback, they want to get a big play. He did that—the fumble return for the touchdown, the two picks—he was in the right place at the right time.


"It was a mistake on my part why he got those two picks. He benefited from that but I put that on me."


Do you think teams will see this game and keep coming at you with extra pressure until you can prove that you can stop it?


"Right, but we saw it the first two weeks too. We picked it up the first couple weeks and we picked it up today for the most part, just a couple of times here and there where we tried to move the pocket a little bit and it didn't work out. Maybe a little more time, or maybe too much time on my part, but that is why we have got film. I'm going to watch the film and we will see.


"For the most part, Donovan was making the right calls up there at center and we were turning out to the blitz and we picked it up for the most part."


How severely was your mobility cut down and did you think you could have gotten away from some of those?


"I'm a throwing quarterback. I'm going to sit back there in the pocket and throw the ball first. When I have to get out of the pocket to make a play, I'll get out of the pocket and make a play. Maybe I was sitting there, maybe waiting a little too long on certain things and maybe didn't get out of the pocket and make a play. You take it as it comes. If you don't stay in the pocket and throw the ball you are not going to make a play either.


"Maybe in certain situations I'll be smarter with the football and pull it down and run, but for the most part I'm going to throw the football."


Coming back from a game like this, is this what a starting quarterback has to do? There are going to be bumps in the road and you have to come back?


"This is our first adversity as a team, not only mine. You are going to have adversity throughout the season. How you handle that determines how good of a team you are going to be. This could be a whole lot worse scenario. We are going to take it as it comes—we lost today. We had our butts kicked today pretty bad. Not scoring a touchdown is pretty disappointing. Five turnovers are pretty disappointing. Eight sacks are pretty disappointing. We are going to clean it up."


Can you talk about Anthony going out and what that does to the offense?


"It is a blow because A.D. is a key component to this offense. When you loose someone like that you are going to lose a little wind out of your sails. We have more than capable backups behind A.D. Throughout the whole offense if anybody goes down we feel comfortable that somebody can come in and do the job.


"Dwayne came in and did the job. A couple mistakes, but we all make mistakes. It is a team game and we are going to take it as it comes. That is the way it came today."


Did they do anything you weren't expecting on the blitz packages?


"No. Everything they pretty much did we game-planned for. We knew it was coming. We knew they were going to bring linebackers pretty much on every down and not really cause us to throw quickly, but we knew that when they brought the strong safety they were going to leave some holes. We hit those holes most of the times, sometimes not, but for the most part we knew what they were going to do today."


Did you ever get frustrated thinking that their defense had you guys figured out?


"That is either them having it figured out, which is tough to do, because you really don't know what an offense is going to play and an offense is going to run, or just being in the right place at the right time. It is all a matter of how you look at it. Some things were wide open today, and some things were covered up, but that is the way every offense is. Every defense guesses right sometimes."

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