Introducing Jameson Davis

The Hamden (Conn.) High School recruit verbally committed to play at Wisconsin in late August.

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Jameson Davis first visited Madison to attend a Wisconsin football camp this summer and he was hooked.


"When I visited the first time that is when (my interest) really skyrocketed and it became my measuring stick for the rest of the schools," Davis said.


One small problem, though. Davis attends Hamden High School in Hamden Conn., quite a distance from the University of Wisconsin.


"I had to convince my mom and dad because it was kind of far," Davis said. "So they didn't want me to go. I had to do some convincing for that."


Davis' parents, though, grew warmer to the idea of Jameson heading to Wisconsin.


"Just the fact that they wanted what was best for me and they saw that Wisconsin was a fit," Davis said of convincing his parents. "I had Wisconsin cards, posters all over my basement, my room. I was watching all of the games, always on the Internet looking them up, talking to Anttaj 24-7, talking to my brother about it. Just the fact that I was so hooked on it that they kind of had to become hooked on it."


By Anttaj, Davis is referring to current Badger defensive tackle Anttaj Hawthorne, who was Davis' prep teammate three years ago. While Hawthorne was playing on each side of the line and drawing the attention of schools like Wisconsin, Davis, as a freshmen, was also a two-way starter, playing quarterback and cornerback. Meanwhile, Davis' brother, Jon, a close friend of Hawthorne's, played wide receiver for the Green Dragons.


Through his brother, Jameson Davis developed a bond with Hawthorne.


"He and my brother are best friends and I hung out with my brother every day, so basically me and Anttaj became as close friends as it can be," Davis said.


Davis, who remains Hamden's starting quarterback but has moved from cornerback to free safety this season, projects as a corner at Wisconsin. He plans to make an impact right off the bat.


"I love to make the big plays on defense," Davis said. "I love to intercept the ball, make the big hits. I love to be seen. Whatever I need to do on defense to do that, whatever I have I got to do—to step up and play the nickel defense or dime defense—to get there I will do it.


"I don't want to redshirt but if I have to I will. If I have the choice, if it is up to me and my abilities, I'm hoping that I am able to go in there and get stuck on a dime defense or a nickel defense until my time is right.


"But if I have to redshirt I will. I will do anything for the team. But it would be great to go in there and have an impact right away."


Davis made his decision to commit to Wisconsin shortly after attending the camp this past summer, the third of four that he attended. Prior to visiting Wisconsin, however, Davis had planned on taking more time with his decision.


"I really wanted to wait until I made all my visits," he said. "It got to the point where I couldn't wait any more because Wisconsin was the right school for me."


Davis cited Wisconsin's facilities and coaching staff as primary reasons for becoming a Badger. The remodeling-in-progress at Camp Randall also played a role.


"The fact that the stadium is going to hold more people," Davis replied when asked about why he like the facilities. "Just how nice it was—Wisconsin is in a great football town; a great college town; a great location."


The talented athlete attends a high school that has produced numerous Division I prospects including Hawthorne, former Badger and Tennessee Titans safety Bobby Myers, Denver Broncos defensive tackle Ed Ellis, Indiana linebacker Josh Moore and Syracuse defensive tackle Eric Ball.


Hamden has steadily improved through Davis' career. Davis said the Green Dragons recorded just four wins total his first two seasons. Last season, though, the team went 7-3-1.


"This year we are predicted to win conference and contend for the state title," Davis said.


Davis also played varsity basketball the past three years but plans to spend this winter working out for football instead of taking to the hardwood.


"After football I'm just going to hit the weight room and hit the parachutes and get my speed down and my weight up so I can get ready for Wisconsin."


Jameson, who is 6-0, 185, said he ran the 40 at each camp he attended and each time he ran a 4.5.


"I couldn't get past 4.5-flat, that is what I ran every single time," Davis said. "So I'm hoping by the time I get to Wisconsin I can get that down to a mid-4.4, like a 4.45, 4.43, somewhere around there."

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