Lee Evans postgame Q & A

Following a Wisconsin victory and another record-setting performance, Badger receiver Lee Evans addressed the media

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What did today's game do to restore the confidence for this offense?


"It did a lot. We got a lot of things done. We moved the ball up and down the field. We made some mistakes, but we can correct those. It was good for us getting some momentum going into the league."


You have set a lot of records. Where does eclipsing Al Toon for the all-time receiving record mean to you?


"It is special, especially now that I can share it with this group of guys. It just shows you that hard work pays off. Even though I didn't play last year I worked hard. I broke another record today."


You get the record, you get a touchdown and you get the victory. That is a pretty nice hat trick, isn't it?


"That is the bottom line, winning."


Do you guys feel better about where you are now?


"Like I said before it is all about momentum, gaining confidence and momentum going into the league. Now going into the league it is that much more important. We have to go down on the road against Illinois next week and if we can get that going than, you know, two games in, two games that we won, and keep it moving."


Sorgi took some serious criticism this week; he came out and played a solid game.


"He did and that just shows the character of Jim. He has been around—he is a resilient guy. He was upbeat and up tempo all practice, all week. He came out and he showed it on the field."


Lee, are you happy you hit this mark before the conference season?


"Well I didn't even really know that I was so close to the record. But, I mean, it just comes down to just executing and if we execute like we know we can execute than things will come and we will be fine."


What do you know about Al Toon?


"I know he is a very successful guy, did a lot of things locally, did a lot of things when he was in the pros, but we haven't met face-to-face."


Would you like to meet him?


"Yes, definitely."


Can you speak to the special teams and the problems that they have faced and what needs to be done to correct that?


"Well special teams just basically comes down to effort and attitude. And they (North Carolina) came out and ran that first kickoff back and we knew it was going to be a long day. We got to go in and tear down that film and see who needs to be off, who needs to be on and make the corrections. Plays like that in the league, you know, that will get you beat. We were fortunate to come away with a win today, but we definitely have got to get that corrected."


Lee, when that record was set, how meaningful was it considering what you have overcome?


"It is so special, like I said before, all the hard work and all the effort I put into it—it is great to be recognized for something that is long standing. Now somebody has a goal of breaking it and if they do so then they worked a little harder than I did."


Is this team ready for the Big Ten?


"Yes, definitely. You can just tell in the huddle, on the field, on the sidelines, everybody was confident. Everybody was fired up and ready to go. Even after the week we had last week. I mean you can just tell this time we were ready to play."


Did you think Jim was a different quarterback today?


"He was, he was, but as a team we were. We had a totally different attitude, a totally different focus. We knew we had to get done. Jim has really stepped up into a leadership position on this team and he took it over. That is what we need. The whole offense was totally different and we were successful today."


What does it say that you can have a third running back come in and run for 100 yards and three touchdowns?


"It is nice isn't it? It shows some things to look for in the future."


Any chance you need to guard against overconfidence heading into the Big Ten season because UNC is not exactly the best defense?


"No, I don't think so. We have been humbled before, you know, last week and even weeks before where you put up points—you score and you score—and its still a game. I think we have definitely been humbled before and we know what we have to get done. So I don't think overconfidence will be a factor at all."


What do you think about the day Booker Stanley had?


"Him and the O-line, they were on the same page today. ‘Book' is a hard worker, a hard runner and it showed out there today. The top four running backs we have got, they have all played a lot and ‘Book' stepped up when he had to. I mean he was great out there today. You can't say enough about him."


Barry said the offensive line was mad they didn't run the ball when that interception was thrown….


"Yes, definitely, that is what this program is built on is being physical and running the football. Up front they were controlling the line of scrimmage and making big holes for the back to run through. So I can understand where they are coming from with that. But at the same time, you know, we turned it over, but we were able to get the game back under control."


Should the run set up like the play to on the long touchdown?


"And that is what its based on—play action. And we were able to get behind them and get over the top and hit a big one."


Have you guys thrown out of that formation (two tight ends, two backs, one receiver) much this year?


"No, not really."


What route did you run on that play, what was the play?


"It was just a read. If he is playing outside go inside, if he is playing inside go outside, so it was just a play where you ‘get open' basically."


Is it important to get momentum going before the Big Ten season?


"It is big to get the confidence back, to get the swagger back, and have that feeling going into the league because when you are going into the league it just means that much more. Like I said this is a big confidence booster for us. We have been humbled before and we know what we have to get done."


Are you happy with where the team is after four games?


"Definitely we made some mistakes, but they are mistakes that can be corrected. It is not like all the time we are making the same mistakes over and over and over again. We have done a lot offensive but we have made some mistakes. I think just looking back at this non-conference schedule we have accomplished a lot. And going into the league we have got to build on all the things that we did good and eliminate some of the things that have been weak points for us and as long as we can identify those we can correct them."


What kind of identity do you think the offense has developed?


"It is kind of hard because I think we are very balanced. We definitely have the potential at the wide out position and as you can see we have a lot of potential at the running back position. I think we are very balanced and, you know, if it turns into a shootout than we can compete that way and if they are going to line up and bang nose-to-nose than we can go that way to."


Do you think this team has played a four-quarter game?


"No we haven't played a total fourth quarter game yet. Today, we played really well and we moved the ball but we still made some mistakes. Today it was good but it is still not a total four quarter game. But we are getting closer. Today much closer than it was before."

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