1993 Revisited: Darrell Bevell Q & A, part 1

The September issue of Badger Nation Magazine featured a look at Wisconsin's 1993 season and first Rose Bowl victory. The issue included reflections from Barry Alvarez, Darrell Bevell (now quarterbacks coach with the Green Bay Packers), Scott Nelson and '93 defensive coordinator Dan McCarney. BadgerNation.com will run portions of their reflections weekly throughout the 2003 season, continuing with part one of Bevell's interview with Badger Nation.

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BN: Looking back, Wisconsin had not had a lot of success in recent years, but you guys had had 5-6 seasons in '91 and '92. How big of a surprise, or was it a surprise, that year, to have such a successful season and win the Rose Bowl?


Bevell: I don't think it was a surprise that we were successful. The year before we were about 22 seconds away from being able to make it to a Bowl game, the first one in ten years and that kind of made us redouble our efforts after that last loss to Northwestern. We had like 75, 80 guys that stayed there during the whole summer and worked hard. We could see that things were starting to turn around, that we could be pretty good.


I'm not going to lie to you, but our goal was to make it to a Bowl game and I'm not going to say that was the Rose Bowl, but it turned out all right.


BN: After the Minnesota game did some doubts seep into your minds' at all?


Bevell: Not at all, not at all. It was just one of those days where things didn't go our way. We turned the ball over too many times and we still unbelievably had a chance to win the game or at least get a tie out of it. It was a disappointing game, but it didn't get us down or discourage us.


BN: You guys bounced back pretty well the following game against Michigan and the near tragedy that occurred after the game. Looking back, what are your feelings about the range of emotions after that Michigan game?


Bevell: That was an unbelievable day. In terms of the game, we had a great game and beat Michigan in our place, but immediately following…the majority of the guys on the team all of a sudden we found out what was going on out there. We didn't care, really, about the win. Immediately it changed to hoping those people were going to be OK. Coach Alvarez did a great job, the following day after that incident happened he had people from the hospital and some of the police officers over to speak to the team, let them know that everyone was doing OK. He handled it in a great fashion to really help the team to mentally be able to move on from that.

BN: Probably a lot of the season seems pretty surreal. Was that a real surreal moment that something like that could happen at the end of a game?


Bevell: Very much. We see people always trying to get on the field and celebrate with the team. They weren't able to do that and for whatever reason they weren't able to get out there and they all got pressed up too much. There was such a wide range of emotions. I remember going into the locker room and there were guys that were crying in there worried about their friends and family that had been in that section. Automatically your thoughts go from winning a game to that didn't really matter.

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