Wisconsin-Ohio State pregame quotefile

A collection of quotes discussing Saturday night's contest between the Buckeyes and Badgers

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Here the season sits, game seven, the one everyone has been waiting for since the schedule came out. The Badgers are not undefeated, but unblemished in conference will work just fine for the hype surrounding this game. Night game. Camp Randall. National television.


Wisconsin's players were visibly giddy about playing this game throughout this week. Quarterback Jim Sorgi and linebacker Jeff Mack set the tone in the Monday press conference. Here are additional quotes from four Badgers regarding this evening's game.


Cornerback Levonne Rowan


"You can't get any more excited then for a game like this. Big Ten on the line. Both teams undefeated. They were number one last year in the Big Ten, national champions. What else could you want?


"It is pretty tough waiting. It is an eight o'clock game so its an even longer wait. I try to take it one day at a time. "


On gameday plan: "Coach has a pretty good schedule for us. We probably, this game gets going so late we have a walk through. We have a late wakeup, a nine o'clock wakeup, brunch, then come over here, walk around, throw the ball around for an hour and just make the day go faster."


On Buckeyes: "Big Ten typical receivers—big and physical. They go up for the ball, but a lot of times they can't get off the jam. I just want to get my hands on them. I'm ready to run with anybody in the Big Ten."


Matt Bernstein


"It is one of the best games I'm going to ever play in my life. Eight o'clock, Camp Randall. It is going to be awesome."


On waiting for the game to begin: "I don't know. It is a tough week. I know me I have a lot of tests, everyone has tests, so keeping our minds focused on the game but also on school and all the other stuff.


"Saturday is not going to be a good day for me. It is going to be tough waiting until eight o'clock.


"I'll just be watching TV and just keep my mind on the game, but just relaxing. You can't play until eight. So there is no point in getting all revved up early.


"We will probably just wake up late, have like a late lunch. We will probably just have like a meeting or something and just chill."


On the Buckeyes:  "(I'll) probably see a lot of A.J. Hawk. Probably most of the linebackers. They have a good bunch of linebackers."


Tony Paciotti


"Oh man, I'm excited. We have to be playing our meanest. Very mean. We have to play physical and play our A game.


"Everyone, we all marked this game down. It is obvious that we marked this game down. We were in a nail-biter with them last year and, I mean, against the same guys that I'm going to be going against. Pretty much their whole offense is, they're all going to be back this year. We felt we played them pretty well last year and we think we are going to go above and beyond how we played last year and we are hoping to play our best of the year."


On night game: "We are going to have a lot of free time. Coaches plan on taking us over and getting us prepared, having a walk through.


"Usually during the day they just let us chill in our hotel rooms, watch a couple games later on. I have a couple tests coming up. I might be reading some books trying to take my mind off of things for a little bit, might help me relax a little, but different guys do different things."


What do you expect from Ohio State?


"I expect them to bring it. I expect them to play their best game of the year. Will Smith, Simon Fraser—those guys are going to come to play. They came to play last year. With the atmosphere that is going to be here Saturday night—everybody's eyes across the country are going to be watching this game. They are going to get one of the best games being played."


Jim Leonhard


On Ohio State: "They just have real athletic receivers. They are going to let them go up and make plays. Krenzel doesn't make a whole lot of mistakes and when he does we have to take advantage of it. That is how they have been winning games—just not making mistakes, make the plays when you have got to make the plays and then put it on the defense. We have to create the turnovers. This is one of those games where you can't get into things like, ‘OK, they are not going to make too many mistakes, we have just got to be solid.' They will make some, we just have to be solid."


On atmosphere at Camp Randall: "It is going to be unreal. This is one of those games too where you have to sit around all day and think about playing this game, which to a point is good, but to a point some guys can't handle that. When you are waiting around eight,10 hours of the day thinking about it some guys will have to calm down. But it is going to be unreal. It is on us to come out fast and keep that crowd into the game."

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