Moving on; Wisconsin quarterback healthy

Wisconsin quarterback accepts Ohio State linebacker Robert Reyolds' apology, is healthy for Badgers matchup with Purdue Saturday

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Wisconsin quarterback Jim Sorgi was injured in the third quarter of the team's game against Ohio State when Buckeye linebacker Robert Reynolds choked him at the bottom of a pile. Ohio State issued a press release Sunday stating that Reynolds had contacted Sorgi and Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez and apologized.

Monday, Sorgi addressed the issue during Wisconsin's weekly press conference, stating that he accepted Reynolds' apology and was healthy to play this week.

"First of all, I'm alright. It was kind of scary during the game, but physically I'm fine," Sorgi said. "I did receive a call from Reynolds last night and he apologized to me over the phone, we talked about it, and I accepted his apology.

"I know how things get during a game and I know how things can happen," Sorgi continued. "He made a mistake and it is a sign of a man when you can make a mistake like that and call and apologize for it.

"So that's that. It is an incident that happened and we're past it now. You know he apologized, I accepted his apology and we are moving on. That is pretty much all that I have to say about that incident and what happened there."

Sorgi is expected to practice throughout the week and play against Purdue Saturday.

"Jim will be fine," Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez said. "He was taken to the hospital—vocal cords were OK. He is just talking a little softer right now. We may have someone call out the calls during practice but I don't expect him to miss any practice."

"Right now physically I'm fine," Sorgi said. "I mean I can talk, I've been trying to rest my voice the last couple days and it has gotten better. I'm going to practice this week and I'm definitely going to play in this game on Saturday."

Sorgi expected to re-enter Saturday's game, but could not speak to the level needed to make the offensive calls.

"I was having a hard time breathing," Sorgi said. "I had a hard time just getting my wind. I just had a hard time kind of talking in that voice that you need to be out there playing as the quarterback. That is the reason I didn't go back in that game."

In Sorgi's absence reserve quarterback Matt Schabert completed two of three passes for 104 yards, including a 79-yard, game-winning scoring toss to Lee Evans. Schabert also picked up two first downs rushing, one on a six-yard run on a third-and-two late in the game that enabled the Badgers to run out the clock.

"I said (to Schabert), ‘this is what you prepared for,'" Sorgi said. "This is what I prepared for for three years backing up Brooks (Bollinger) and was ready to do. I said, ‘you are ready.' He has been around the program long enough and I just told him, ‘go win this one for me please, because I really want this one.' He stepped up like he is supposed to do and he did a great job."





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