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Defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove:


On the game:


It was a great college football game. They made a few more plays than we did, I thought our kids really competed. We played hard, just didn't make a couple plays and that's what it comes down to when two good football teams play.


On Jeff Mack and Alex Lewis:


Well I think they both played very well, made a lot of plays. Our front played well we just didn't get it done when we needed to get it done. Just got to look at it and see how we can improve it.


On defending Purdue's passing game:


If you (play) too soft on them they'll just take it down the field. We felt that we had to play a little bit more aggressive on them. If you look at the first quarter we were playing soft and the rest of the game we started playing hardball, and some more man coverage and the results were better. They just made a couple of plays at the end of the game.


On time of possession and defensive fatigue:


I know they were tired but I was proud with the way they competed because nobody wanted to come out, guys wanted to stay in because they knew what was at stake. It comes down to making a play in the end and we didn't and they did.


On adjusting to Purdue's formations:


We've been practicing on our groupings all week. I thought our kids did a good job adjusting. Saw more empty than I expected, but again I think we were prepared for that, we just had to make a few adjustments during the game just to give us a little bit more in coverage with it. But kids adjusted well, they listened on the sidelines and we had to make some quick adjustments sometimes. I was proud, you know I was happy with the way they competed. They did a lot of good things.


Cornerback Scott Starks:


Were you expecting Purdue to throw as much as they did?


We kind of expected it in the beginning, I guess our heads were kind of spinning around as much as they were throwing it. I think it took us a little while to get adjusted. We probably did adjust to it in the second half to kind of the quick game.


We were extremely close to making plays. When it's quick game I mean there's very small room for error and when you play against a good quarterback and some very good receivers, he was putting the ball right where it needed to be.


They did a couple of new things but we have to adjust. I mean everyone's going to do something new in the beginning but you just have to learn how to adjust to it early.


It's extremely hard to defend this type of offense. I mean the ball is coming out every play, its coming out quick, you don't know where it's going. That's our job to defend the receivers, that's what we got to do.


On Purdue's receivers:


Yeah that's a real good one two punch that they've got. (Taylor) Stubblefield is kind of a quick guy and (John) Standeford is a bigger guy.


On the loss:


I mean they were the better team, they came out they were ready to play from the beginning. They jumped out on us 14-0, they were ready to play and we weren't really ready to play to begin with.


It hurts. It is a tough defeat, but we have to respond to adversity during the season.


Receiver Lee Evans


On the loss


It was a tough defeat. Both teams played hard both teams competed very well and in the end they came out with the victory. We turned the ball over so much and it really hurt us.


It's hard to win, even though we turned the ball over in the first half we still have opportunities. We were only down by six or four going into the half and we turned the ball over three times. So we still had opportunities but that late turnover hurt.


On Big Ten race:


Right now the league is real close and it's very competitive. I don't think there will be an unbeaten team. The undefeated team that there is we still have to play.


On potentially relying on Matt Schabert if Sorgi is hurt for a period of time:


Schabert is capable in a lot of clutch situations. Now is his time to step up and really play a whole game, so we're behind ‘Schabes' all the way. We've got a lot of confidence in him and now it's time for him to go out there and do it.


He stepped up before in big situations, in big games, such as last week and times before in his career. He's never stepped up in a full game but you know the way he carries himself in practice and the way he runs the offense. You know he's just a natural leader. He's done a lot of good things and now we just got to get it to the next level.


On bouncing back:


Well I mean right now how good do we want to be, where do we want to go from here? After the UNLV game there was a lot of talk a lot of speculation and we were able to bounce back from that loss, string a couple wins together and now we got to do the same thing. They mean that much more. We're in the league and we just got to do what we got to do to put some victories together.


Quarterback Matt Schabert


On the game:


We were fighting the whole game. It was a great ball game all around and those guys really played well. We came up short in the end. The only thing we can do now is take a look at the film, realize that the game is behind us and starting working for Northwestern.


On the Purdue defense:


They have some really athletic defensive ends and everybody runs well. They are playing in the Big Ten so obviously they are hard-nosed. Their guys flew around to the ball and they just ended up making one more play than we did.


On the loss:


It is tough setback. Purdue is a great team and I think a lot of people don't realize how good they are. They are going to make some waves in the Big Ten. They are a really strong, physical and all-around athletic team.


On the early turnovers and the Badger defense:


I think obviously that is one thing we always preach is protecting the ball. In the early on we didn't. We turned it over two times right away and they went down and scored some quick points. You have to give credit to our defense. They made some great plays and held (Purdue) to field goals several times and made a lot of defensive stands on the goal line. That is the kind of team this is. If someone is not playing real well, someone else picks up the slack.

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