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Head Coach Randy Walker


General Comments…


It was hard finishing that game and trying to fight back … I was pretty choked up about the kids and how they hung in there with us. I can't say enough about them continuing to believe in the plan and what we're trying to do. It isn't always fun to keep going (out of practice) in October and bang each other around. Our defense really came to play today. We made some plays in every aspect of the game, but boy we put the defense out there in some bad deals. They stepped up in a big time way. This game is all about finding a way to win. It's never the same, it comes in different ways. We can continue to build on this because I think we've got a bunch of good football players on both sides of the ball. Whatever it takes you've got to find a way to make a play and find a way to win. This is an awful good feeling. I'm thrilled for our kids. It's awful gratifying.


On what inspired the defense…


It's all about the attitude. It's about what you come up with. We came to play today. You could feel it in the locker room. You could feel it at halftime. There was some juice and  they were fired up. Every time they got a bad deal, they came out and played hard—and they got some bad deals. We haven't done that consistently. We had a turnover, hey, let's go out and get a stop. It was good to see that on defense. We made a bunch of good plays against Indiana; we made good plays against Minnesota. It's like Jack Nicklaus said, I only made six great shots in a round. It's just that my misses aren't bad. We eliminated our bad misses today.


On Jason Wright's performance…


I'm telling you what, when he made that run… I was really fighting them back. What a tremendously gutsy performance. As I've said before, everybody knows he's a heck of a football player, but as good a football player as he is, he is a better kid. When you've got guys like that playing and having successes, it doesn't get much better than that.


Brett Basanez


General Comments…


"It was nice to win on our homecoming. I mean it was our homecoming—no one wants

to lose on their homecoming."

"We just came out and felt like we needed to play today. We came out and played. We

just kept fighting."


On Jason Wright…


"Anytime you got a playmaker like Jason, and he busts one—the guys kind of get into it,

especially the linemen. They start running the ball real well and they get real happy."

"The line had a great day. Coach Dunbar took what they gave us. Coach Dunbar called

great plays and we executed them."


General Comments…


"We went back to the basics in the bye week. We had great practices, great techniquework, and we just played our game today. When we start rolling we know we're a pretty good team."


Pat Durr


General Comments…


"We were really focused on going back to the basics and fundamentals during the bye

week. Basically, we just went back to basics."


On Wisconsin's ‘dirty' play…


"There was a little bit—it wasn't as much as I'd like. It was a pretty clean game. We got

after them a little bit, and I think they were kind of shocked and sat back on their heels. I

think we kind of took their stinger away from them for most of the game."


On the Wisconsin offense…


"We knew what they were going to do—they were going to come out and try to run the

ball right at us. We went back to basics, we had to play the most physical game of the

year, and I think we did a pretty good job of that today."


Loren Howard


General Comments…


"We were just flying to the ball, coming off the ball hard, and playing fast. When you

get five guys to the ball and one guy misses you've got four more there."


Tim McGarigle


General Comments…


"It seemed like at the beginning of the game Wisconsin thought they were going to come

out there and pound the run on us. When you shut down the run you are going to win

ball games."


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