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Offensive coordinator Brian White


On the game…


Certainly the first time we've played like that this year. We were really lethargic.


On his players…


The guys were really sluggish.


There wasn't a lot of personality out on the field.


On making plays…


We couldn't develop or establish anything.


We couldn't convert as many times as we needed to on third down.


We couldn't get a rhythm.


On Northwestern


Credit Northwestern, they did a great job. They deserved to win.


They were a more physical football team.


We knew going in they were the biggest and strongest front we've faced.


On the overall performance…


We didn't play well enough to win.


Defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove


On his team's preparation…


We just came off two emotional games. We'd like to say it won't happen (a loss), but

we put a lot into those two weeks.


On the difference in the game…


It came down to executing. There were some times we didn't execute the way we

needed to, and (Northwestern) did. They made some more plays than we did.


Receiver Lee Evans


On not playing Wisconsin-style football…


We didn't play our style of football. We didn't play up to the capabilities that we have.


We didn't establish the run.


We didn't play physical (football).


We didn't come out and do the things that we normally do to create momentum for



On improving…


We need to look at what we need to do to get better.


If come out and play like (we did against Northwestern), than we won't win very many



On Northwestern…


We knew they would come out jacked up.


We knew they would play with some vigor (after talks on the 2000 game).


On diminished chances for Big Ten Championship…


It hurts a lot.


We really wanted to come in this game, win it and feel good coming into the bye week.

But now we need to do some soul searching. We didn't have a lot of enthusiasm out

there. If we don't have (enthusiasm), then we won't win many games the rest of the



On catching over 3,000 yards in his career…


It's definitely something special. It would be just so much sweeter if we won. I'm grateful for it, but it's just one of those things that's hard to celebrate.


Linebacker Alex Lewis


On the loss…


It's frustrating to lose, but I'm the kind of guy now that I'm going to try to learn how to

deal with a loss.


We've got to learn not to underestimate anybody. Any given day, anybody can win.


Defensive back Jim Leonhard


On the Wisconsin defense…


We just weren't ready to meet their surge right away.


We just have to come out and try that much harder (from now on).


Linebacker Jeff Mack


On the Wisconsin defense…


We just couldn't get anything going. A lot of times (the defense) thrives off the offense,

but we just didn't get that spark.


We couldn't make a stop here, a stop there … it just really drains the momentum.


Quarterback Matt Schabert


On the running game…


I think in any game you really need to establish the run to win. Northwestern's defense

was ready to stop the run.


On the missed field goals…


You can't really put (the blame) on Scott Campbell. We weren't down there enough to

get him a rhythm.

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