Monday Press Conference: Bo Ryan

Wisconsin men's basketball coach Bo Ryan addressed the media Monday

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Bo, when you had your intrasquad scrimmage, what areas were you really pleased with and what areas need attention?

"Which scrimmage are you referring to – Thursday or Saturday? Thursday, what was I pleased with? I liked that I couldn't move my arm for a couple of days. Either could the players. We signed more autographs during that session … there were a lot of people there who got to see us play and made some noise in the stands. We got to put the lights on and have some guys who haven't played on the Kohl Center floor, in that environment, they got a chance to do that. Brian (Butch) had, but Zach (Morley) and Kammron (Taylor) hadn't. Certain guys dominated, which probably, you could figure, experience helped. A couple of guys struggled because they haven't practiced because of injuries. But overall, it was nice to do it. I think we got some good things out of it, but we still have a ways to go because it is hard to judge unless you have everybody there and you can practice with everybody. Saturday's was a little better because Boo (Wade) and Freddie (Owens), who hadn't practiced, looked a little more comfortable – moving a little bit better."

How has the adjustment gone for Brian (Butch) and Zach (Morley) and Kammron (Taylor) so far as stepping up and playing at this level of basketball for you in practice so far?

"Well, they've made the attempt to every day come ready to go to work and ready to try to get better. At times you can really see it and at other times it is so subtle that you've got to go through the tape a few times and really search for some things, some positive things. If you know the way I look at film, I'll always find something wrong and there is enough to find that is not enough correct yet, so we can use that. We also use... my theory of teaching and coaching hasn't changed. Do the plusses and minuses. Show them something when they're doing it well, talk to them about that and also when it is not done correctly change the behavior. So we've had a little of both. I would say we are going to need at least another week, which is good because we play on Saturday, to get some more drill work in, some break down stuff, some areas of concern that we have about taking care of the ball. But those three, with Sharif (Chambliss) not being able to compete this year, those three are doing a good job of at least not getting discouraged. But I think the three of them have a pretty good idea of what this level is all about now. You think about it, you dream about it, you can't wait until you get to a Big Ten school, but then when you get there, then you find out, then reality sets in. And it has for these guys, but they're coming every day to try to get better and to work. So if they ever change from that then they have no chance. But they've got a great chance to help us because they're working at it."

I hate to ask this question so far out of the conference season, but I was curious what your thoughts are about the conferences attempts to control crowds that are harassing players from the free throw line and how much success you think they'll have in doing it?

"Umm… you know what? If there was a whole lot of harassing going on, I missed it. It is just something that they are doing to be proactive. I don't think it is a result of people who were getting harassed to the point of tears or… Do you remember being at a game where people were embarrassed or harassed? I haven't seen it. I mean the students sometimes yell some things they tell me. I don't hear them. I get to a place and I am oblivious to any of the sights and sounds and anything other than what I need to be taking care of on the floor, so if I were a fan paying money for a ticket, I would say I can go in there and yell for my team. I think that is what they can do, but the harassment is just a follow over or follow up to some things that maybe have happened at some other places in some other sports and they may as well include basketball in there. I don't see where the negative is because I don't see where the problem was. I think it is just a proactive move to let people know that this is what we will tolerate and this is what should be done and anything else is not acceptable. If going "left, right, left, right" is harassing, okay. We're guilty."

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