Men's Basketball Exhibition Quotefile

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan addressed the media following his team's exhibition with the EA Sports All-Stars; excerpts from Mike Wilkinson, Devin Harris also included

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Bo Ryan...


On playing EA Sports


"This game definitely helped. When a team comes down and starts firing threes and they're going in, you've got to make them change their rhythm, and I thought we finally did that, we just waited a little too long. So if you take away the bombs and four or five penetrations to the rim, I thought the rest of the defense was pretty good. … On a positive wave, they shared the ball—look at the assists—guys hit the post, high percentage. In exhibition games, if you're shooting around 50 percent, that's pretty good, because you've got different combinations, you have different things going on, you see more junk … and you don't have on film that much to tell what a team does. So for being on the floor against a team that we only saw a little bit of on the team, I think that we moved the ball well offensively and we got good looks and the two new guys really gave us a boost, Kamm and Zach."


What did Ryan like about Taylor and Morley?


"They didn't look like they were on the floor for the first time in their lives. You've got to understand, any time somebody comes into a Big Ten school, they played somewhere, and did something and did it well. Relax out there. Play. Contribute. … They were contributors, which is good."


On Brian Butch and his decision whether or not to redshirt


"He's still in the process of trying to make a decision. … If people just leave him alone and let him make a decision as a young man about whether or not he is going to participate this year, I think everybody's going to be a heck of a lot better off. … It's his decision to make; you saw that he didn't play so he hasn't used his year yet and he'll decide. I'm all for the student athletes making decisions, they're adults now. Give them a chance. Today there was a change; he's allowed to do that. He could have played anywhere in the country, he decided to be a Badger and I respected that with the idea that we even talked about that it (redshirting) is a possibility. You've heard him say that. So let's let him breathe. He's a great young man and he's going to make a decision as a man and he's going to be okay. He's a good one. It's whether or not he's here competing here for the next four years or for the current four years. It happens a lot."


On Devin Harris and Mike Wilkinson


"Once Devin went from 120 miles per hour to 85 on those first couple of possessions … then he was okay," Ryan said. "Mike battled in there, good strong post moves," Ryan said.  "And Mike was left open outside and knocked down some shots. That was the way we wanted to start off the year, taking advantage of what the defense gave us. I though those two guys did that pretty well. Plus, they looked for their teammates, they used good skip passes, good decisions with the ball."


On patience and discipline, traits EA Sports head coach Price Johnson said the Badgers had


"And we scored how many points? One hundred three points and we're patient and disciplined? What we do, we got some good shots, 1.4 per possession, that doesn't happen very often."


On Kammron Taylor and Zach Morley


"Take a look at Kamm and that league he played in up in Minneapolis. He was a marked man a lot of times and he handled the pressure. Zach, having played two years after high school, didn't he look older to you? I don't know if you could see his face. But Zach's a little older, so he seemed calm. … Just relax and play and do what you do in practice every day. I thought those two guys did that very well. That's what I was excited about."


On injured players and allowing other players to step in


"I never look at injuries as a positive but the effect of an injury is the dominoes start falling and you need to patch. And by that I mean, the other guys go in that get more reps, other guys do this in practice … I was afraid it was going to hurt us some in practice with the drills and I think we've been able to compensate for that with some other things we've been doing, with four-on-four-on-four drills that I thought helped us and we'll be doing some more of those this week because it's competitive and the guys like it."


Mike Wilkinson.....


"Things started out a little fast. You want to have a good start the first game of the year. Once we settled down we started to find the open people and got the open looks and guys to knock them down. That's basically all we did all second half, just move the ball and find the open guys."


"We need to become a better rebounding team on both ends of the court. We did a pretty good job early of boxing out on the offensive end. We just try to keep bodies on people. We did a good job of that today."


Devin Harris.....


"Yeah I think we got a little excited in the beginning of the game. Once we settled down in the second half, the offense worked a lot better and we were a lot more comfortable."


-Betsy Golomski contributed to this report


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