Monday Press Conference: Jim Sorgi

Wisconsin quarterback Jim Sorgi spoke with the media Monday

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Jim, as much as you guys threw last Saturday, would you anticipate seeing more passing in the offense and would you like to see that?

"I mean, as a quarterback you always want to throw the ball. Our offense, we can throw the ball if we want to, if we have to. Most of the time our game plan is to run the ball and throw when we want to throw, so I'm sure we're not going to get too far away from that. It's been successful in the past and as a quarterback you want to throw the ball, and I love throwing the ball. It all depends on what the game plan is, what the other team's strengths and weaknesses are. So I guess we'll see in the coming weeks."

Jim, the last couple of weeks, you didn't play against Northwestern, but the offense didn't do much, but the defense played well. Saturday, the defense didn't do much, the offense played great. How frustrating (are) the inconsistencies that you guys can't put it together on the same day?

"It is kind of tough. It's been kind of that way the whole season, the defense picking us up when we're down and the offense picking up the defense when they're down. It's pretty much been that way all year and like you said, it's been hard to get that consistency where we're both hitting on all cylinders at the same time. I don't know why that is. It's something you just have to look at. You just have to look at the guys on the field and see what's going on and make adjustments while you're playing and stuff like that. I don't think it's been a problem to where we haven't been playing pretty good football. Some guys have had a couple rough weeks and me included in that throughout the season. We're just going to have to do what we have to do. We're in a tough situation, we have to get a couple more wins and we have to do that and get a better bowl bid. It's something I think we're prepared to do and it's something I think we will do. We just have to take a good look at ourselves and just dig deep and find whatever it takes."

Jim, how are you feeling physically today? It looks like you took a few shots on Saturday, how are you feeling?

"I feel pretty good, a couple of bumps and bruises, nothing real serious. I took a couple of good shots but that turf is kind of hard to play on too because once you get hit and then you hit that turf, it's like getting hit twice. But it was going to take a heck of a lot to get me out of that game on Saturday and it's going to take a heck of a lot to get me out of the games we have remaining. I took a couple of shots and I've got a couple of bumps and bruises today but it's nothing I can't heal up by Saturday."

Owen Daniels had two big catches and two throws from you. How much do you like having somebody who is a threat in the middle of the field as a tight end, so in case the guys on the outside are doubled, you can have another weapon?

"Well it is nice. It is nice to have Owen (Daniels) in there, a faster, pretty good hands tight end that knows the offense because he was a former quarterback and he knows where he's got to find the holes and sit. It's kind of like two quarterbacks on the field at the same time. He played a great game on Saturday and found the hole. We knew we were going to have that by watching film and studying them, unless they did something different, which we didn't expect that they would do. He capitalized on it. I'm just glad to see him have a game like that after a couple of rough games the last couple weekends. So it was kind of nice to see him step up and make plays."

Do you know (Michigan State QB Jeff) Smoker at all, and how impressed are you with what he's done as a comeback and the way he's played this year?

"I've never met him. I don't know him personally, I know of him, obviously. He's had a great year and he's lead that team to a lot of victories. They've had a couple tough losses these last couple weekends against really good football teams. So I feel like it's going to be a tough game on Saturday. With them coming here it gives us a little bit of an advantage. Hopefully we can play another solid football game on offense and a good football game on defense and we'll come out with a victory. But you don't know that until Saturday and we'll find out Saturday afternoon."

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