Monday Press Conference: Mike Eaves

Wisconsin men's hockey coach Mike Eaves spoke with the media Monday

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Mike, do you have to worry at all about perhaps having to temper the emotions of your players after a weekend like this that they don't get too full of themselves?

"The Boys are full of themselves and they have grand delusions… the reason that we were able to get three out of four points this weekend was largely due to our goaltending. He gave our team a chance to get our feet underneath us and get going. I will have my finger on that heartbeat in the room, but if there is any of that we will be very quick to point some things out. I don't think so, Andy. I think we know we got out shot. We probably got out chanced – Troy [Ward] is finishing up the tapes now. But the X factor is always the goaltending. In basketball it is your ability to shoot the three-pointer, if you will. So we have some work to do, but we are doing it under some pretty exciting circumstances. The fact that we got three out of four against the defending champions at our home building, the place is rocking, everybody is excited. I think we come back to work this week knowing we did some good things. As a matter of fact the quote of the week for practice today is from Pat Riley ‘Our ability to improve will be dependent on how we learn from our passing experiences to get us to what we want to become.' That is going to be a theme for us today."

Along those lines, do you think this weekend is a sign to the fans that you guys are back and they can start rooting again and be fired up? At what point do you make that switch or do you think people will?

"I think getting the victory Saturday night in the fashion that we did was a quantum leap in terms of people were talking about it on Sunday. ‘Did you see what happened?' I mean, for the folks that were there, I've never experienced that level of noise in the Kohl Center before. They erupted. I mean, I was trying to talk to Nick Licari to go on the ice and tell them we still had 30 seconds to kill on the penalty and he couldn't hear me. So I think people will start talking about it because of who we beat and the fashion that we beat them."

How good was [goaltender] Bernd [Bruckler]? Were there any saves in particular that stand out in your mind right now?

 "Bernd gave up six goals over the weekend and there are a couple of them that he would tell you that he could of have had better position. Even on Friday night he let in a couple that we felt were weak for him but he battled back after that. He showed some real mental toughness. He didn't give up. But in terms of the one save, and it seems in hockey that it goes like that, they run the power play and he runs a post to post save with his left pad and down the ice we went and scored. He pulled that one out of his backside. That's the kind of save you need to beat a team like Minnesota where we are in our development."

[Colorado College] has had a lot of injuries to the point that their forwards are almost unrecognizable compared to what they had last year. Does that make preparing for them any different not knowing if they're going to have maybe some defensemen playing as forwards?

"I think where we are at we still need to focus on us. If you just take a look at pure stats, they are scoring more goals per game than we are, their goals against is less than ours, their power play is a little bit better so stats just illuminate things. We still have to focus on what we are trying to get better at in all aspects and get ready to play. They've got good goaltending. They'll be a solid team. Scottie [Owens] does a great job with his teams, as history dictates."

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