Barry Alvarez Verbatim, Big Ten Teleconference

Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez addressed the media during the weekly Big Ten Teleconference

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Opening statement


"Well we are certainly please with the effort our players gave us, probably the best all-around effort we have had all year. You mentioned Lee Evans, it was just a tremendous football game, play after play, making different types of catches and then transitioning catches into runs. Jim Sorgi did a very good job of getting him the ball. He is playing his football right now.


"This week we play our last home game against an outstanding Iowa team. A team that you as you watch them the first thing you notice is how well-coached they are and how physical they are. On defense you have to earn everything that you get from them, you don't see many mistakes and offensively they are probably as balanced as any team we've seen. Nate Kaeding is probably one of the best kickers in the country. So we know we have a tremendous team coming in, we have tremendous respect for them."


Coach, I was just curious what the situation is with Jonathan Orr. He was such a big part of the offense last year but you haven't heard much about him this year?


"It is just the fact that Lee Evans has come back. Jonathan plays, he is in our wide receiver rotation, but you know you only have one football. Probably the most depth that we have on our team is wide receiver so naturally he is not getting as many touches of the ball or as many looks, but he has been an important part of our program."


Coach Alvarez, obviously a great offensive performance last week, you mentioned Iowa has a strong defense. What specific problems do you think their defense could cause?


"I think when you take a look at Iowa's defense, most teams as you look you sense there is a weakness or you come away from the film thinking you want to attack a defense a specific way, well, there is really no weakness as you look at their defense. They are very physical upfront, their linebacker are very active, their secondary is always in position. They play more zone than man so they make you earn everything that you get. Just looking at it they are well coached and disciplined and just you have to be very patient when you play them."


Coach I know you probably don't need much incentive to play a rival like Iowa but how much does it add to the fact that a Bowl destination may be in the balance here?


"I think that's motivation, just the fact that it's another Big Ten game. Naturally Bowl implications certainly play as motivation for everyone. That is a very important part of it. We used that same motivation last week. We were Bowl-eligible going into the game but naturally the more you win the better chance you have of going to a Bowl up to scale."


Do you see this as a difference between a New Year's Day Bowl or perhaps between Florida and Texas?


"I really don't know. I think that will all play out in another week or so depending how many Big Ten teams we would possibly get in the BCS."


On Dwayne Smith:


"We give award to player of the game and we gave co awards this week. Lee and Sorgi were co-winners and somebody said, ‘it's getting pretty tough around here when rush for 220 yards on 21 carries (actually 207 on 21 carries), I believe that's what his numbers were, and you are not even a partial player of the game.'


"But Dwayne really stepped up. Booker Stanley started the ballgame and sprained an ankle on the first series, Dwayne came in and carried the load the rest of the way and really had a very good game. Michigan State was a physical defense and a lot of those yards, particularly early on were very tough yards. But really pleased with the way he performed."


On possibility of 100th win in Madison:


"Really haven't put a whole lot of thought into it since the season started. That would be quite a milestone, guys normally don't stay in one job long enough to have the opportunity to do that and it would be very important and something that I would be very proud of."

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