Tucker, Chappell could play Wednesday

Sophomore forwards say Tuesday's practice is key

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Wisconsin forwards Alando Tucker and Jason Chappell returned to practice Monday evening after rehabbing right foot fractures and could play in Wednesday's home game with UW-Green Bay.


Jason Chappell

"We have been talking with the trainers," Tucker said. "They are still debating how it is going to be. We will just have to see. After tomorrow's practice there is going to be that call. How we practice tomorrow and how we feel once we get up tomorrow that is going to be one of the biggest keys. If it feels good tomorrow there is a chance we will be out there on Wednesday."


"Physically right now I feel fine, it is just a matter of getting together, playing with everybody, getting in tune with the offense and everything," Chappell said.


Tucker and Chappell each took part in the entire practice Monday night, running the floor five-on-five in live scrimmage situations without favoring their respective injuries. Tucker worked out with the Badgers' top eight, while Chappell played on the scout team. At times, Tucker looked a little gassed, an understandable occurrence after almost 10 weeks spent recuperating. Towards the end of practice, Tucker did well in shooting drills, hitting jump shot after jump shot, a sign that fatigue was not getting the better of him.


"I'm feeling good," Tucker said. "I thought I was going to be in worse shape after the practice."


Though the team's trainers will likely have the final decision, Tucker thought he and Chappell would be ready to see some game action Wednesday.


"I think time will be limited but I'll definitely be able to get in and do a little," Tucker said. "Being able to get into games is a lot different (than simulating games in practice). It's a different atmosphere so I think I'll be able to get a little bit of time in there, but tomorrow's practice is going to be big for both of us."


Tucker broke the fifth metatarsal of his right foot while running ‘The Hill' at Elver Park Oct. 9.


"There was a real lump in the hill and I ran over it a little too hard, knocked it on the side," Tucker said. "The pain was just extreme."


Tucker underwent surgery to assist the healing process because the injury, which affected a long, thin bone on the outside of his foot, occurred in an area of the foot where blood supply is normally poor.


After surgery, Tucker, who was originally expected to miss 8-10 weeks, wanted to play it safe.


"I didn't want to push it too fast because he said, you know, a lot of cases he had where guys come back too fast and it only hurt them," Tucker said. "I put all my trust in our trainer, Henry Perez(-Guerra) and Dr. Orwin."


Chappell's, injury, to the second metatarsal, was less severe and did not require surgery.


"When I first broke it they told me six weeks," he said. "I was hoping to get back before that but I just took it as it went and today is six weeks exactly."


Chappell suffered the injury in practice Oct. 27.


"There was a loose ball on the ground and I just kind of leaned over to get it and it just popped," he said. "It was weird cause it's not like I did anything out of the ordinary like put too much extra pressure on it. I don't really know. I guess stuff like that just happens sometimes."

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