Monday press conference: Lisa Stone

Women's basketball coach spoke with the media

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Why was Lello (Gebisa) so much more effective in the Iowa State game?

"I think confidence has been a big issue for Lello. Basically, I think a lot of times as a coach, you try to redirect and tell players there's ways to make up for faults, a lot of different ways in basketball. You can play well on defense and if your shot's not going, you can do some other things. Stephanie Rich leads the Big Ten in assists and who would have thought that. She's a shooting guard made point guard and had eight assists again yesterday. So, there's different ways to bring out the best in a team. Lello, I think was really injected with some confidence yesterday and we hope that that carries over."

Can you talk about facing Green Bay and the fact that the four big schools – Marquette, Green Bay, UW-M, Madison – that's been kind of an in-state tradition. Do you plan to continue to put them on your schedule in years to come?

"Well, ironically, we've actually scheduled them for next year. We're just going to take this a little bit at a time here. I've known (UW-GB head coach) Kevin (Borseth) a long time, when he was at Michigan Tech, even when he was at Gogebic Junior College, I knew Kevin Borseth. He's got a great program up there and they had a tremendous year last season. Came in here and lit up for threes. Set a Kohl Center record for three-point shots, 11 for 18, last year at the Kohl Center. They graduated some players, but now they bring in … nine of their 11 players on their roster have taken three-point shots, and they are very accurate. So, this game that we will see on Saturday, at the new Resch Center in Green Bay, will mirror image yesterday's game (versus Iowa State). A lot of shooters and ways to score quick. I think Green Bay is a team that obviously helps your RPI, because of their position in the Horizon League, they win that league every year. They are well coached, it's a good game for us and as of right now, we'll continue that series next year."

Six games in, it's maybe your first chance to step back. Can you talk about what excites you, maybe what has surprised you and just where you are at this point?

"I think our ability to demonstrate character … every emotion we've gone through. From the whole transition of Lisa Stone taking over, to an emotional win yesterday, heartbreaking losses, going to Notre Dame and battling and playing with one of the best teams in the country and doing what we could do against them. Adjusting and going from a zone, to a man (defense). The team will do whatever I ask them to do and I'm thankful for that. They're eager. They've been up already watching film, today's their day off and 90 percent has already been up in the offices watching film. They want to win, they want to improve and if we can continue to make those small steps, it's going to be a great year."

Coach, is there a different kind of pressure playing UW-Green Bay because you are the state school and Green Bay's a smaller school within the state?

"When I was at Eau Claire, you are a state school and it's the Badger State. I'm very proud to be a Wisconsin Badger, without question. We have some great schools and coaches in the state. It's a natural inner state rivalry and it pits two really good teams against each other, anytime any of the four meet. You can throw out the record books. It's going to be one of those where you're going to have to be prepared for a dog fight. We have to play defense, we're going to have to get out to shooters. They're at home, in a new facility where they don't always practice there, so maybe it's neutral court, maybe not, but we're on the road and we need to be prepared."

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