Monday Press Conference: Mike Eaves

Wisconsin men's hockey coach discussed his need to rejuvenate and looked ahead to upcoming series

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After reviewing film of the series, do you have a different or new view of the team's performance?

"I haven't watched video yet. I took a day and a half off and I'm a much better coach right now because of it. I haven't watched any video yet, I took yesterday off and a half a day this morning. I know that the coaches have looked at it. But I needed to get away from hockey for a couple of days. So I'll go back upstairs now and take a look at it and start assessing where we were this weekend and get ready for Notre Dame."

Was it difficult coming back and getting right into the line of fire?

"Yeah it was. Looking back on it now, I don't think that I was at my best when I was coaching. I was a little fried, that was the word I told my wife. I found myself being short with the way the team was playing, and that was just a by-product of playing so much hockey and traveling and everything else—with the intensity. I just talked to (women's basketball coach) Lisa (Stone) before she left the room, and in our business we really need to step away and reenergize a little bit. So for the last day and a half... I feel human today once again. I'm pleased to announce that."

This weekend—Notre Dame—now you're refreshed. Is it a good time for this non-conference series?

"I think it is. I think we need to, first of all, we need our players to reconnect. We played disconnected as a team. I, as a coach, need to reconnect with the players. So the boys had Sunday off and today they just had a lift and we'll come back Tuesday through Friday and have some good quality practices, and reconnect and go back to some basics about the way we want to play and get going again. It was interesting the headlines in the paper, 'Last Place Michigan Tech Defeat No. 3 Badgers.' I mean, it was one game—everybody stumbles. We're just going to go back to work and get this thing going again. We don't think that it's any reason to panic; we know we're a quality team and we'll go back to our roots, our work habits and get going again."

Do you think these next 3-4 series will determine the championship with Minnesota and Colorado College?

"It's the core of the schedule right now. I think that CC is a quality team and we all know that. And then Minnesota, going in there, it's funny looking at that record- it's such a deceiving look, they're going to be all fired up after we had some success against them here and they're going to be trying to get themselves going. So it's a real core part of the season and it'll be a good measuring stick for us."

You had a chance this weekend to see Ross Carlson in action. What do you think?

"First of all, I was really surprised that he was having the success that he did right away. I think that is a tribute to his rehab and his work ethic in the rehab. We had brought him in here as a guy that we thought could help us offensively and he jumped right in the fire and did, but to do it as quickly as he has, that was a pleasant surprise. He makes our top two lines better by his offensive prowess. So we're looking forward to more of that."

Discuss what type of team you expect to see against Notre Dame?

"I know that they walked in and beat Boston College in their own barn 1-0, and I saw that game on video and their goaltender played outstanding. I think his name is (David) Brown. So he's a big reason that they are having the success that they are, they're ranked and once again, it's all revolved around the goaltenders. So we're going to have to make sure that we get some quality shots and get some people in front of him so he has a hard time seeing the puck."

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