Facts vs. Speculation - Taylor Mehlhaff

While other internet sites speculate on who's making commitments in January, BadgerNation has decided to do things the old fashioned way and get quotes.

Taylor Mehlhaff, of Aberdeen (SD) Central has become one of the hottest names in the Midwest.

Mehlhaff visited both Minnesota and Wisconsin in December and has narrowed his college choices down to the Gophers and the Badgers.

Barry Alvarez was in the Mehlhaff home tonight making an in-home visit. Did Taylor commit to the Badgers?

"No, we're not sure where we're at right now," said the father of Taylor Mehlhaff.

"We had everyone that had something to do with Taylor's young career over the house tonight. Everyone but the doctor and the undertaker where in my home.

"Taylor is at hockey practice right now. We have a tough decision to make. We have neighboring states, two good football programs and two good coaching staffs.

"I know Taylor wants to make a decision soon. He wants to get back to his hockey," Mr. Mehlhaff said.

Taylor Mehlhaff is a four-year varsity starter. As a senior, he played quarterback, linebacker and did all the kicking for Aberdeen Central.

His long field goal in 2003 was 52-yards and that was in the rain. He has 60-yard range. Look for Taylor to also push for punting duties at the next level as well.

Extra Point - Badger Nation has heard from a very reliable source that Mehlhaff did pledge Wisconsin this evening but until we here it from eithe Taylor or his father and get quotes, we won't put him in the database as a Badger pledge.

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