Visit plans change, decision forthcoming?

One of the schools originally interested in Bill and Jack Ikegwuonu re-entered the picture recently

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Badger Nation spoke with Bill Ikegwuonu Monday evening after he and twin brother Jack returned from an official visit to Northern Illinois.


The Ikegwuonus had been scheduled to officially visit Ball State and Toledo over the weekend, but their plans changed. Now the duo may take a visit to Toledo this weekend (Jan. 30), but not if they decide to play for the Huskies.


"Northern (Illinois) wants us to, maybe Thursday or Friday, to make up our minds, otherwise they have to get two other guys," Bill said. "So we are probably going to have to make a decision like around that time."


The Huskies have offered both and Bill and Jack scholarships—Bill as a linebacker, Jack as a cornerback. They called the twins last week to extend the offer, prompting the change in visits.


"We went Sunday morning and just came back tonight," Bill said.


A handful of other schools continue to keep in some degree of contact with the Ikegwuonus, but their decisions, and options, appear to be narrowing with time running out and few scholarship offers on the table. To date they each have received offers from Toledo, Ball State, Western Michigan and Northern Illinois among Division I programs. Jack also has a greyshirt offer from Wisconsin and was offered a scholarship to Oregon State, though Bill said OSU has not been in contact with either of them recently. Western Michigan, though, "said whenever you make your decision give us a call," according to Bill.


Bill has been asked to walk-on at Wisconsin, but is hesitant to take the offer unless he is assured that a scholarship would be coming down the road.


"I wouldn't like to because you can't really knock a full scholarship no matter where," Bill said. "There is a lot of risks involved with walking on."


The situation would be different if he were to receive preferred walk-on status and a  guarantee that after two years he would receive a scholarship.


"I'd probably do it for sure," Bill said. "But I can't just walk on and turn down full scholarships. Not many people get full scholarships."


According to Bill, Wisconsin and Northern Illinois are Jack's top choices. Bill, on the other hand, is looking at Northern Illinois, Toledo and Western Michigan.


"We might end up splitting up. We might end up going to the same school, but, just now we are trying to decide that as a family," Bill said. "Jack might go here and then I might go to Northern or Toledo or Western, whichever I like better."


Bill and Jack's original plan was to attend Wisconsin together but the scholarship offers they were hoping for did not materialize for Bill.


"That's the idea," Bill said. "After our junior year and senior year we were pretty content on that's where we're going. After the season we didn't really push recruiting as much as we should have."

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