Monday Press Conference: Bo Ryan

Men's basketball coach addressed the media Monday

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Coach, what do you see with Iowa this Wednesday?

"Well, a team that came off a big win. That's a good one to get. I had a chance to watch that already. That's a heck of a job. And they're playing hard and they're playing well. They had a bump against Michigan State there which is a tough place to play, but against Indiana which is also a tough place to play, they came away with something. So on Wednesday they won't be playing too concerned about whether or not they can get it done. They know they can get it done."

Are you getting what you expected from Zach Morley? He has certainly filled in and done a nice job for you. Is this what you expected or has he exceeded your expectations?

"Well, when you look at a guy, you say these are the things that we think he can do for us eventually. When that'll happen you never know. I don't think that there is any doubt that his contributions have been, number one, very welcomed and number two, probably better than what most people would expect of a new guy entering a program would be. But again, because of his basketball IQ, his background with his family in basketball he had an accelerated process about the game and about coming here. We don't teach the game differently than what he grew up with. Put the ball in the basket by getting good shots, take care of the ball, play defense. And he's had some experience playing past high school."

How concerned are you about Freddie Owens and his health? And how key is he to what you are trying to accomplish out there?

"Obviously I'm concerned for him from the coaching standpoint, just as a person who has known him and understands how frustrating it can be when you say ‘nagging' injuries. But if you can't do the things with total confidence, yet you are cleared to participate, somewhere in your mind you have to overcome those things. So, I am concerned about him just being able to relax and play and believe that everything is going to be alright. With that being said, how important is he? Well, you take how many games of experience, how many times did we work him in a video session, on the floor, teaching, working, cajoling, patting, pushing over the years to be in the position as a senior to be the kind of contributor that you hope for. He's always listened, he's always worked. Some of that has gotten away because of the injury. So how concerned am I? I'm concerned for Freddie and I'm concerned for the team, but I can't take it any further than that because then it sounds like excuses."

In the current situation, how much does Devin Harris being the only one bringing the ball down concern you? Are you concerned he'll get worn out?

"Devin has been a guy who has been a-lot-of-minute guy anyhow. Now if Devin was a guy in the past that got 27 minutes and that his conditioning was a little different, then you get concerned. But Devin is one of those guys in the country that can go 30 plus. As I said, how did we do it with seven guys two years ago? Media timeouts and at times using our own timeouts to make sure our guys got rested."

What do you think about the Michigan State game being scheduled on a Tuesday after playing a Sunday game against Purdue?

"How about that? If I say anything, it'll sound like I'm again... so, they schedule it for Tuesday, we'll play on Tuesday after we play Purdue on Sunday."

What special challenges will there be playing with two days rest instead of three days?

"Special challenges? Well, I'll just give you my wife's answer when I told her this morning. Well, that's just like the NCAA Tournament or the NIT or whatever tournament on the road or something in the preseason. You get a day of rest in between. I said ‘Thanks, Kel. You're right.' The other team plays Saturday, you play Sunday. There will be conversation… I'm sure there'll be conversation about it. But nationally, the fact that they want Wisconsin on [television], you have to say okay. It's good for the school that they feel that is an important game to have. We are not going to argue with that, that's their decision."

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