Bret Bielema verbatim part 1

Wisconsin's new defensive coordinator and linebackers coach spoke with the media following the weekly Monday press conference

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How would you describe yourself. Are you a real energetic guy?


"When you go and look at coaches throughout history there have probably been guys categorized in every way possible. I think that probably the biggest thing that I'm trying to do is learn from my elders. Ever since the time I started (graduate assisting) at the University of Iowa—actually the first GA I ever did work with was a guy by the name of Bill Frasier, who actually was the linebacker coach right after (Wisconsin coach Barry) Alvarez left. He was the defensive coordinator, Coach Alvarez was under him for a period of time. So, that's where my original roots go back to. And guys that followed in his footsteps: Bobby Stoops, Bobby Elliot, who I was with at Kansas State as well as at the University of Iowa. I've been under a guy, Norm Parker (current defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Iowa), who has been around a long time now at the University of Iowa. The fundamentals are very, very important. I guess high-energy. Anybody that is younger is probably going to get that tag. But I'll do anything we need to do to win. That's the bottom line and that is starting out right now our defensive meetings with our staff. (Defensive line coach John) Palermo has a solid tradition here at the University of Wisconsin…(Defensive backs coach Ron) Lee has done a great job with the secondary with the timeframe that he's been here. And myself and (outside linebackers coach Brian) Murphy will work with the linebackers and basically just get the guys in the right position. What I'm trying to figure out right now is exactly what we do well. We don't want to modify or do anything that takes away from that. Bottom line if you put it in racecar terminology, you know the Daytona 500 there's however many cars that run that race and we didn't finish last and didn't finish first. Anything we do to change is going to be to try to have that car finish first and that's what we are going to try to do from day one starting on March 4 until we have the opening game next year."


In general do you think it helps the defense if coordinators are more rah-rah?


"I think so. Defensively you get to be a lot more aggressive in your personality and you attitude, the way you go about business. Obviously, we have to play smart and we have to play within the schemes that we're trying to do but on defense you are always looking for the guy that maybe is trying to start trouble over at the water fountain, picking on somebody or doing something a little bit extra. Defensively we are going to try to bring that out of our personality. We want to be a more aggressive unit on the field. Any given time you put 11 guys against 11 we are looking to be the more tough, physical unit on the field. Anytime that happens you've got a chance now if you can play within the schemes, play smart and play fast. Now, you've got a chance to win the ballgame and that's all we're trying to do."


Next season when you step out on Camp Randall you are actually going to be a Badger this time now a Hawkeye. How does that feel?


"I've got my red jacket over there. It has been a little bit of a transition. I do have a Tiger Hawk in my cap, which you've already stated, so that's a little bit of a transition. It's probably a little bit of a shock the first time I put that red on in the locker room but I have obviously had some transition before so the only thing that I'm concerned about is playing as good of defense as we can at Wisconsin. That's my priority."

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