Bret Bielema verbatim part 3

Wisconsin's defensive coordinator spoke with members of the media Monday afternoon

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What attracted you most to this position?


"Well…actually… I was contacted by one of the assistants and had a pretty good situation where I was at but was really looking for an opportunity to be the defensive coordinator in a program that I felt that was based on a lot of great tradition. I didn't want to real go into somewhere and have to reestablish anything that hasn't been done in the past. One thing I knew from my days playing at Wisconsin (as a member of the Iowa Hawkeyes), my days from coaching against Wisconsin and my days away from the conference now is there is a tradition right here that's unmatched in college football. There are some programs around the country but to take it from where it was when Coach Alvarez first stepped here to keep it and maintain it and sustain it to where it is right now. A fact that I didn't know until I got here was that I was the first coordinator hired from outside of the program… I was excited about that. Coach Alvarez was one of the first people that gave me an indication to take my last job because he knew the University of Iowa, I was very comfortable where I was at but new that the chance to be a coordinator at Kansas State would lead to future things professionally. Little did I know I was going to be able to come back and work for him and obviously be part of something that's pretty special."


Do you think in some ways that your biggest immediate impact will be as a linebackers coach?


"That jumps out at me quite a bit. Obviously the numbers. Everybody has told me now, we have everybody back except for the linebackers. That's something that I'm excited about it. Really, as a young coach, when I was first at the University of Iowa… I drew attention by my recruiting efforts and that felt great but as a football coach you want to be known as a football coach. That's something I was able to fine tune in my last time at Iowa and my last couple years at Kansas State we've had a pretty good tradition there. Some guys have accomplished some special things at the linebacker position specifically. That's what I'm excited about. Everything's good. You want to line up and do the best X's and O's you can and do the best things you can to make the whole team succeed, but that first practice when I have the first individual drills with my linebackers that's what I'm looking forward to."

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