Bret Bielema verbatim part 4

The final edition with the Badgers' new defensive coordinator and linebackers coach

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Is there an initial process where you have to win the players over a little bit? How long does that process usually take?


"I told every guy in that meeting, I said, ‘you are going to form an opinion on me just like I'm going to form an opinion on you.' I made the reference to, I always make the phrase that film does not lie. What you are on film is the truth and they are going to see the same thing out of me day in and day out. Whether it's the first day or the last day of spring practice, the first fall practice of two-a-days or the last day of doubles they are going to see the same thing with consistency and that's what I want to see out of them. But the big that you obviously go through is change isn't always good. The one thing that I want to establish to them and they will see quickly is anything that we do is going to be done for one purpose only and that's to win one more ballgame. The big thing that we have to do is we have to establish the trust between ourselves. Just because they put the word coach in front of your name doesn't mean that they have to respect you but it does mean that you are put in a position of authority and if you believe in what that guy is telling you to do they'll follow. And I think that's the biggest thing is, you know, there's four coaches on our side of the ball. They are going to line up, tell them what to do every day and work together on the same page and that will get us what we want."


What is the most important thing from your perspective to get done in the spring?


"The great thing is we've kind of got two parts to our season within spring ball. We're going to have those five days and that's going to be basically to establish what we do, to establish our identity. Everybody wants to have a reputation. At various times during your career you are going to have a different set of ingredients to make up the final thing. If we're good up front and we're solid in the back end, we're going to learn to expand those strengths as best we can. We are going to minimize our weaknesses and that's going to give us those first five days to initially feel out exactly what we have, so I can see what we have, establish what we're doing versus certain situations on the football field and then take a week to kind of analyze it and make sure that we have taken the right things. And then the second part of spring ball, I'll put it this way: that first part we are going to build a foundation. We've got the hole dug, we're going to pour the concrete and build that thing as best as we can. We're going to find out where that foundation is strong. And then the second part we are going to build a house on top, put all the finishing touches, the driveway, the basketball hoop if you want it and do whatever we've got to do to make that thing as best as we can for the fall."


Can you get that built in 15 practices?


"We can do it. I'm going to have to work a little overtime but we'll get it done."

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