Terrance Jamison Taking His Time

Defensive lineman Tim Jamison signed with Michigan this past February 4. But that wasn't the end of the recruiting saga for the Jamison family. Right on big brother Tim's heels is not-so-little brother, Terrence Jamison. GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke with Terrance Monday evening to find out how things are going. Will he be a 'big-timer' like his big brother? Who is showing interest?


"I'm really just taking my time right now," Terrance Jamison said. "Iowa, Notre Dame, and Wisconsin are showing a lot of interest, and Wisconsin has offered me. I don't have a favorite or even a top list of schools right now."

Jamison (6-4, 225 lbs, 3.5 GPA) attends the same school, Harvey, in Thornton Township Ill., as his U-M-signee-brother Tim, and even projects to play the same position in college. "Everyone is recruiting me as a defensive end," Jamison said. "That's where I want to play in college."

The younger Jamison is a multi-talented athlete who plays on the Harvey basketball and baseball teams. "I am a small forward, power forward, and center on the basketball team," he said. "And I play first base, shortstop, and pitcher for the baseball team. I probably won't go to any football camps this year because of baseball. I didn't go to any last year."

Will Jamison be attending this weekend's Junior Day at Michigan? "No," was his reply when asked. Was big brother influencing him at all? "Not really," he said. "He talks to me a little bit about Michigan but not a lot. He's going to let me make up my own mind."

As he was during Tim's recruiting, their father was close by during the interview and Terrance's answers were quick and to the point. He didn't claim a favorite growing up and didn't know what schools he would be visiting when the time came. You can be sure, though, that Terrance won't break on the scene late, like his brother did at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. The Jamison name is known and people will be watching the younger version closely.

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