Monday Press Conference: Mike Eaves

Men's hockey coach discussed his team's upcoming series, a possible turning point for the season, and cast his vote for Bernd Bruckler for MVP

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Coach, as of right now you can't finish worse than third place. Do you like the fact that you have an important regular season finale where you can move up to second place or would you rather have a series where you could rest players as you are going into the playoffs?

"I just assume have it this way just because of the fact that it gets us into the mental frame of mind that we need to be in going into the playoffs. All of these series have had that for us, starting with North Dakota and leading right up to this. It just keeps us going. We are on the same page. Our players don't change their thinking. They come in prepared the same way and they are playing a team that is very good. That is just going to get us better. We are still such a young team that every time we play it is going to make us better."

Mike it seems simple, but was there a turning point in this season?

"I haven't looked at it Andy, to be honest. Since you brought it up, we may take a look at, but we are so busy getting ready for the next series. We talk about it every game. There is a turning point in every game. But as far as a season goes, it might be worthwhile to sit down and take a look it, but I have not."

Do you want to take a shot in the dark?

"We pointed out that the North Dakota series was going to be a huge measuring stick for us. Around Christmas time the (media) asked what would be a great part of the season to measure ourselves in. That would probably be one of the ones I would take a look at just because of what happened in that series and what a great growth that was for us."

Mike, the ballots for all-league come out shortly. Who is the best player you have seen in the league this year?

"Well, just because I see him every week, day in and day out just for what he does for this team it has to be Bernd (Brückler). Just for what he has provided for this team. You take a look at an MVP. What does an MVP stand for? It is what he has done for this team. Bernd has given us a chance to be where we are and to grow and become the team we are now. He continues to play well, but you look at what people are doing around him. He is not getting half the chances that he was getting before. He is not having to make more unbelievable saves than he was earlier in the year. But you put him up in a category with a Zach Parise, that type of player. I haven't thought about him that much. But just because we see him everyday, and every week in and week out, he is the guy I would say is the MVP."

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