Senior sendoff

Saturday night is the final regular season game for six Badger men's hockey players

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As the 2003-2004 men's hockey season winds down, so too do the careers of six Badgers. Forwards Rene Bourque, Jon Eichelberger along with defensemen Andy Wozniewski, Dan Boeser, John Krall and Chris Julka (a fourth-year junior walk-on) will be honored at Saturday night's game, their final regular season game for Wisconsin. caught up with a few of the seniors as they reflected on their experiences at UW.


Badger Nation: What are you feelings as your career winds down here at Wisconsin?


Bourque: It's bittersweet. I'm just trying to take these last four home games and make them memorable.


Wozniewski: I couldn't ask for anything more. Everything here is just a great thing and it's very special.


Eichelberger: It's weird. It went by so fast.


Julka: I've had a blast. As a kid growing up in Madison I idolized all the guys who came through this program. For me to at least put on the sweater is a dream come true.


BN: What is your most memorable moment?


Bourque: Probably scoring the overtime winner against North Dakota my sophomore year after coming back from down 6-1.


Wozniewski: The North Dakota comeback sophomore year and the sweep of NoDak this season with a packed crowd was just unbelievable.


Eichelberger: Hopefully it's still here to come this year. There's just so many memories.


Julka: As a team, I think our sweep of North Dakota at home this year. Individually there are two moments that stick out. I scored a goal last year at the Kohl Center and I got to hear the horn. That was big. And then during the European exhibition game this season a couple of guys put the captain's "C" on my jersey.


BN: You have obviously learned a lot on the ice, but what have you taken with you off the ice?


Bourque: I got to know a lot of people and got a great education at the same time. You learn to balance your schoolwork with athletics, which is difficult, but you learn little by little over the four years.


Wozniewski: I've learned a lot from the coaching staff just as far as being a better person.


Eichelberger: Most of all I just made some very good friends. Played with some great players, good men both on and off the ice.


BN: How gratifying is this season, turning this around from last year, and being the leaders of that turnaround?


Bourque: We didn't want to repeat last season. So we got together and said we wanted to be remembered here. So if we do well in the NCAA tournament I think we'll feel successful.


BN: Where do you go from here?


Bourque: I have no idea. I'm not thinking about it yet.


Wozniewski: I'm a free agent but I am definitely going to be playing more hockey.


Eichelberger: I don't know what's going to happen. I'm going to finish this year and just sort of see what happens from there.

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