Madison is where his heart is

Ryan intent on staying put

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Bo Ryan will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Few people would fathom Ryan departing his beloved Wisconsin men's basketball program, but it is not surprising that other schools would try to pry him away from Madison. Ryan has, after all, compiled a 67-27 record and won two Big Ten Championships and one Big Ten Tournament Championship in his three seasons at Wisconsin.


The Dallas Morning News reported Tuesday that Texas A&M had contacted Ryan regarding its head coaching vacancy. The paper stated that the Aggies would likely offer their final choice $1 million a year to take the job in College Station but that Ryan, and Gonzaga coach Mark Few, were not interested in becoming candidates.


In response to a question about the Morning News report following the Badgers' practice Tuesday, Ryan said, "the only people I've talked to are people that are trying to get tickets to the Bradley Center [for NCAA Tournament games]."


Asked if any amount of money could get him to leave Wisconsin, Ryan stated that he has no desire to leave Madison.


"There is nothing that has ever gotten me into this profession financially and there won't be anything to get me out of this profession financially," he said. "This is where I want to be and this is always where I've wanted to be. This is pretty good when you are around these kind of people.


"There is absolutely nothing that—this is me until they show me the door. And I hope that is not for a while. How do you beat being at an institution of such high learning—this is going to sound like a commercial I know—but we've got everything hear. We have people that understand the value, the interaction of the academic side and the athletic side. Big strides from when I was hear in the 70s and early 80s. There is a difference and it is a difference for the better. I just really think that what is going on here is the way it should be. There are some things that crop up like anything else, just like in your families, this is a family and there are things that come up that you have to deal with. But as long as everybody stays and doesn't get vindictive and have separate agendas for what they're trying to accomplish, the sky's the limit here at Wisconsin for every sport because this is what it's about. This is what college athletics should be about, what's going on right here at Wisconsin."

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