Scouting Report: Jeff Mack

An analysis of the former Wisconsin inside linebacker leading up to the NFL Draft

Name: Jeff Mack School: Wisconsin Year: 5Sr
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 243 40: 4.79 Pos: ILB

Bio: Led the team as a senior with 98/6.5 /1. Defensive MVP of the 2002 Alamo Bowl finishing his junior year with 72/6/0.

Pos: Tough, physical linebacker that stacks well against the run. Heady, displays a good field sense and works hard to get involved in the action. Decent burst of speed in a straight line and forceful up the field.

Neg: Stiff, lacks the quick change of direction and cannot redirect to oncoming ball carriers. Does not get depth on drops, lacks lateral movement and best playing downhill. Suffered both shoulder and back injuries in the past which have seemingly taken a toll on his weight room strength.

Analysis: A two down defender, Mack's style of play is reminiscent of Ed Hartwell, a linebacker with the Baltimore Ravens. His best and possibly only opportunity could come in a three-four defense.

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