Player breakdown - Andre Revels

Could the Southwest part of Ohio be home to the top linebacker for a second straight year? If Andre Revels has anything to say, YES!!! will be the outcome.




HEIGHT: 6-1 WEIGHT: 240.

40 TIME: 4.69

BENCH: 385 pounds. SQUAT: 625 pounds.



GPA: 2.7 SAT/ACT: Will take ACT test in June of 2004

With his GPA sitting at 2.7, Andre expressed that he's working on bringing it higher. He understands the importance of making the recruiting process easier with a good academic background. In talking with Andre I don't feel qualifying will be a problem.



COLLEGE PROSPECT LEVEL: D-1: It didn't take much tape watching to see what Andre Revels brings to the table. Having seen him on tape and in person I know that D-I is going to be there for Andre. He's a machine that will steamroll over anyone and get up for more. With his high motor and enthusiasm for the game, Andre is a joy to watch. A list of many schools have come a calling, right now it sounds like Andre is looking Big Ten, but he also talked about some other programs. Andre can become an impact player at the next level.


I first saw Andre play last fall in the Crosstown Showdown. While the team they played wasn't the greatest, Andre and his teammates showed why there considered one of Cincinnati's top programs.

On film Andre lines up at middle linebacker. From here he can hit the line, drop back into coverage and go sideline to sideline. Let's look at each.

Hitting The Line: Andre shows great speed in attacking the line of scrimmage. When he gets there he uses strength and skill to attack linemen and get quick separation to make the play. While I have seen many linebackers get tied up in this area, Andre shows great ability to focus on the ball carrier and separate fast. He hits linemen with the same force he will attack a ball carrier and has the size to stay in the middle and fight. On his highlight film, I saw him go against two D-I recruits that signed in 2004.

Coverage: Andre shows great ability to drop and cover. With an above average back-pedal; Andre sometimes goes to far back. When that happens he has the speed to close down fast and prevent the big play. Sometimes his deep drops put receivers in bad position with Andre. When he closes he lays the wood and receivers know Ray-Ray (nickname from teammates after Ray Lewis) has come a calling. Andre explodes into receivers and often jars the ball, mouth piece or helmet lose. This is one of the hardest things to teach linebackers. It's in their nature to move forward and hit, not move backwards into coverage and then forward with explosion. The other thing that showed up on film was his ability to cut off angles. Andre is a play maker on defense. He gets from point A to point B with the best. He reacts without thinking and just makes plays. Often he showed great ability to be 5-10 yards away and still make the play.

The original numbers I had on Andre showed him listed at 6-0, 220 pounds. Andre says that he's grown one inch and gained 20 pounds since then. He also has lowered his 40 time and is looking to drop it some more. Keep an eye and ear on this one; I expect big things from him during the recruiting process and next season.


Here's a partial list of schools that have made recruiting contact with Andre. At this time, Andre is getting written letters from several of these schools.

Michigan, Ohio State, UCLA, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Virginia, Purdue, Iowa, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Duke, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio University, Michigan State, Miami Oh., Cincinnati, Kentucky, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Marshall, Georgia, Stanford, Akron, Syracuse, Boston College, Bowling Green, Connecticut, Wake Forest, Maryland, Ball State and many others.


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