Harris plans to decide Sunday

Wisconsin junior guard says press conference likely next week

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As a part of the "Save Harris campaign" by 100X Radio (WTLX-FM 100.5), representatives of "The Bench Jockeys" sports talk show held a march from the University Book Store to the Capitol Thursday to gather support for persuading UW junior guard Devin Harris to return for his senior season with the Badgers.

"We talk more Badgers than any other radio station in Madison and we thought it was about time that our station took a stand for something," said Azor, 100X executive producer. "We want (Harris) to know that we support him and want him back here and I feel like this is an opportunity for the fans to really let Devin know how we feel about him."

Carrying signs reading "One more year" and chanting "Say no to the Bucks, yes to Bucky," 15 people participated in the march while nearly 60 people signed a petition created by 100X.

"This was built as a two-man march and we are at least 700 percent above that because of the people that showed up and the number of people that signed our petition," Michael Aronow, the co-host of "The Bench Jockeys" said. "This has been an outstanding turnout and it's only the beginning."

The next step 100X intends to take is to congregate outside the Monona Terrace Convention Center, 1 John Nolen Dr., next Tuesday as the Badgers hold a banquet for their 2004 Big Ten Tournament Championship. Following that 100X will broadcast live outside UBS next Thursday to collect more signatures for their petition.

While Harris did not participate in or see the march, he appeared on State Street as supporters walked back towards campus.

"I don't know about exciting, but it's flattering and kind of weird," Harris said.

When asked if he was touched by the march, Harris responded, "I am; for all 15 people to take time out of their day to express their feelings shows that they are really supportive of me."

The reigning Big Ten Player of the Year has left fans wondering whether he will declare himself eligible for the 2004 NBA Draft. While he has not officially made an announcement, Harris said Thursday that his decision will be made this weekend.

"It looks like I'll make my final decision Sunday and I'll probably hold a press conference later in the week," Harris said.

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