Monday press conference: Peter Tegen

Women's track coach discussed his team's participation in Saturday's Wisconsin Twilight invite

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Opening Statement "

Our Twilight Meet, unfortunately now is in a time slot that is not as good as it used to be in the past simply because we have the introduction of the NCAA regional championships. (It) had to be squeezed into the schedule somewhere. So we have the Big Ten Championships now a week earlier and therefore our meet is only one week before the Big Ten Championships so we can't really do all the things that we used to be doing. We have to be a little bit more careful because the Big Ten meet starts already next week on Friday. There is usually not a whole lot of time to recover or to do anything pretty serious on the track, particularly as far as some of the events are concerned – either the multi-events or the middle long distance gets a little critical. But, it wears also on the sprinters. The sprinters are pretty sensitive. We have to be very careful with that.

The season has gone a little rough, weather-wise that is. We tried to escapeusually you escape to Wisconsinbut we tried to escape to California, which did not help a whole lot. It was the worst ever weather at the Mt. SAC relays, which didn't help our cause at all.

We do have a newly developed little sprint corps and jump group. They are doing quite well. Actually, our 4x100-meter relay is only two-tenths (of a second) of the regional qualifying mark. We are hoping that actually will be attempted, if the weather cooperates, this Saturday at our home meet here. So, we will try one more time to make that regional mark.

Jamae Gjermo has done extremely well this season under our new throws coach, Loreena Anderson. She has improved her personal bests several times. She is now a little of 47 feet in the shot put and she threw over 150 feet in the discus. Courtney Bauer in the throws also has made good progress, particularly in the hammer throw.

In the jumps our ladies are, when they are their best and when the weather cooperates, are pretty much at 19 or 19-and-a-half feet, somewhere around there.

As far as the Big Ten outlook is concerned, I know everyone is curious about that, we will probably be, one more time a team that is sort in the middle of the pack."

What has the end of the season been like emotionally for you?

"Well, the end of the season is always where you want to do your best really. I'm not sure if you're referring to the end of a season, the end of a career and all that well, yea. It never ends, really. It is nothing special really."

On the emotional aspect of the alumni hosting the event this weekend:

"It sounds very exciting. We went through that five years ago. That was a pretty exciting party there five years ago when our alumni came up with a scholarship. Frankly, I don't know much about it. I just know that something is going to happen and I see (sports information assistant Dianne Nordstrom) smirking over there and she is much more informed than I am. That, of course, is going to be a very exciting situation. Again, I just know that a little bit of a get together at the meet and then the next morning there is a brunch. So, I look forward to seeing everyone again. I will be put in the same situation as I was five years ago where I confuse not names necessarily but ages. To me they are all athletes that have been with me and sometimes it is hard to match them up. ‘Oh, you never ran with her? That's right. You had just graduated and then she started.' And so it is going to be kind of interesting. For them I think it is also pretty exciting. I'm sure there will be some different people than participated last time. Diane, I don't know how many people participated last time five years ago at the 25th? About 100? Yea, but details I do not know."

What are you most proud of from your time at UW?

"I really am most proud of having been part of young student-athletes growing up and having been able to somehow participate in a positive way. At the same token, while I was doing that I feel that I stayed young at least at heart."

Any update on status of your lawsuit:

"I really don't know any details right now. And I really just want to talk about the athletics right now. Actually, that press conference was yesterday. (joking) I talked about all that. You must have missed that."

What has Hilary Edmondson meant to the team?

"Well, she has been quite a trooper. Hilary, in her last year now, and she has eligibility left I think, is now a team captain. She participated very actively in just about everything we've done. And of course athletically, she seems to be getting to her prime. She seems to be at her prime or getting close to it, at least for the time being, and I very much look forward to her performing well at the outdoor Big Tens, regional and national championshipswe hope she qualifies for the national championships."

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