Top offensive lineman to visit Norman this summer

6-foot-6, 300-pound Barrington, Ill. offensive lineman Dan Doering talks about his game and his interest in Oklahoma, one of 21 schools that has offered him a scholarship. Is Doering set on staying in Big Ten country?

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Dan Doering is the monster of the midway, rated as one of the best offensive tackle prospects in the country.

Doering is a three-year starter at left tackle and already he has mastered the art of pass blocking. He did not give up a sack all of last year.

"I think it is a lot more moving around at left tackle than people think," Doering said. "I have to get out quick on defensive ends, linebackers and even DBs. I have to move quick on my feet and just have to be agile enough to handle all the athletes that line up on my side."

The recruiting attention has been something that Doering has had to get used to.

"I am very happy and humble to be receiving so much attention," he said. "Just today at the my high school I had four colleges come by. I had Notre Dame, Purdue, Miami and UCLA come by and Oklahoma is coming by this Friday. It gets a little stressful at times, but I have to realize it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and just learn how to manage my time."

Doering can bench 300 pounds, squats 450 and he has a 25-inch vertical jump. He throws the shot (54 feet) and discus (130) in track and he has attended the Illinois, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Iowa and Northwestern summer football camps.

Thus far this year Doering has attended the Iowa and Notre Dame spring game. Twenty-one colleges have offered a scholarship thus far and that list seems to be growing every day.

"Right now I am pretty much open and I really don't have a list of favorites at all," Doering said. "I am just looking at all my options right now. I am definitely interested in Oklahoma and I want to learn more about them and find out what kind of academic programs they have to offer. I do plan on visiting Oklahoma in June to learn more about their football program.

"I am not locked into the Big Ten or anything. I can see myself going to any school in the country as long as I feel comfortable at that school. I am looking for a school that has a good solid degree program. Secondly, I want to (go to) a school with a good football program. Then third, I want to find a school with a social culture that fits me, where they have good coaches and the team has a good chemistry on it."

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