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The Wisconsin guard announced his decision to tentatively enter the NBA Draft at a press conference Wednesday morning

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Opening statement

"Excuse me, I'm just going to read what I have on my little piece of paper here. So I hope you don't think it's not genuine or anything, but it's just some thoughts that I have written down. First off I would just like to thank everyone who camemy family, my friends, coaches and teammatesfor their patience while I make this difficult decision. But at this point I decided to enter my name into the draft, but not sign with an agent. I feel this is necessary in order to get a true feeling of where I stand at in this draft and it still leaves me the option of coming back to Wisconsin. Before I take any questions I would just like to add one thing. I know that there's a lot of interest in my decision and what I'm doing. For all the great fans and my friends, I appreciate the support I get and everyone that is helping me through this process."

Devin what's going to be your process from now until you make the final decision?

"As we've learned so many times from coach that we look at what's next, and what's next is I got a paper due tomorrow at 11 o'clock so that's what I'm looking forward to."

Who did you consult with during this decision making process?

"Family, friends and just people around me who have known me pretty much my whole life, as well as my coaches."

Devin what will it take for you to return to Wisconsin or what do you have to hear to go to the NBA?

"It's really still up in the air. Pretty much we're looking at draft status right now and where I'm projected at, and I've just got to decide if I can improve on that or is it time for me to leave."

When did you finally make the decision Devin?

"I don't know, about four o'clock this morning."

What helped you make that decision?

"I heard both sides of the table and I'm not completely sure on everything yet but this just gives me more time to consider it and it gives me another month or so. It still gives me a chance to see some things—to see what's more in store as far as projections and more exact positions."

While you were thinking about making your decision, was it the process of you finding out through research and getting information versus coming back to Madison? What was pulling on you more in terms of the delay, I mean you're one of the last college guys to announce, how hard was that in terms of the Madison college campus versus getting paid to play?

"It's very hard. I mean, I love this place. It's pulling on me. It still is, but it's half-way 50/50 and like I said, this still gives me an option to come back and it still gives me an option to go. So it just gives me a little bit more time."

As you go through the process and start listening to more people, how are you going to determine what's real and what are people just telling you?

"Hopefully we can talk to some general managers and get it directly out of their mouths. In general, they're real because obviously they run their teams. And I guess just their judge of character and the people I talk to, and I'm just going to have to see what they're like and how I feel about them."

Usually in this process the teams have some individual work-outs and then there's a pre-draft camp, do you plan on attending the pre-draft camp. Do you know that?

"That is still up in the air. Like I said, I still have school left to finish. I've got two weeks left and then I'll make decisions about my schedule after I finish my last final."

Have you pinpointed where you would have to go in the draft in order to swing you one way or the other?

"Pinpoint? No. There's certain numbers, I don't know. Lottery, yes. But depending on how high it is. I really don't know. It's something I'm going to have to think about and it's why I'm taking more time to do so."

Do you know how high in the lottery you would need to be projected?

"Right now we are just going to say lottery."

Are you also looking at the future Devin and where all the things that could be happening with the draft next year with the possibility with the (Maurice) Clarett decision that they're going to put a cap on there and things like that that could affect you even more next year or maybe elevate you? Are those things that are still on your mind?

"They are and things could happen. It depends on how well it works out, and it depends on when they make a decision on it. Right now it is just I've got to look at this draft and where I'm at, and just kind of make the decision that way and then we'll look at that a little bit later."

This by all accounts has been a really difficult decision for you. Did you want to have your mind made up by this point? Because now you're opened yourself up to five more weeks of people asking you, ‘what are you going to do?' Was this kind of your decision that you made by not making a decision right now?

"Yeah, I just wanted to put it out there. I probably will get five more weeks of questions but that's OK. I just felt compelled to let everybody know kind of what the deal was. I've been waiting so long and I need a little bit more time to figure out what's going on."

How much allure, if at all, is all of the things that could happen here next year both individually and as a team?

"It's definitely a big hook and it's definitely one of the reasons why I am not signed with an agent right nowto give me the option to come back, because I know we could do some great things back here. But then again, I've got to kind of be selfish and look at what my situation is and see if this opportunity that I have is worth taking it."

Devin, as you weigh the NBA, is it important to play right away as a rookie or do you think there's also benefits to getting acclimated to the league for a year and getting stronger and practicing?

"Well it's definitely going to be something new to get used to. I think I'm a competitive enough person to get some time right away, but depending on the program and what kind of people they have on their team, it might not work out that way. But competitively, I'm not too worried about sitting down or not getting that many minutes 'cause I know over the course of how many years it's going to take, I know I'll get where I need to be. Obviously, I need to get stronger. All those things come with maturity as long as I'm in that type of situation."

You said after the season that this decision was yours to make alone. First of all, did you make this decision alone? And talk about how hard it was to make it with the influences around you.

"Yes, it is my decision to make alone but I did need some help. It's very difficult, the position that I'm put in. I've heard both sides of the table and I had to sit down and think what I really want. And I'm still not sure about it. I'm just leaving the option open where I can still go both ways and it gives me a little bit more time to think about it. But it's still a difficult decision for me."

What role did coach Ryan play in your decision?

"Coach was a super trooper about it. He wasn't the type of coach to call every day and bug me about it. We talked a couple of times when he was in town. We sat down and we discussed what was important and he pretty much left it up to me. I thank him for that. He's been great about it and hopefully we can sit down and talk about it a little bit more. As far as right now, he's just been really great just sitting down and being there for me when I need him."

Do you foresee using the entire five weeks coming up here before you make a final decision?

"It's possible. How long did I take? I've got about four days left. So it's possible. It will come to me when it comes to me and when I know I guess you guys will too."

How much of it is about your ability, in this decision, or do you look at when Ben Gordon and (Sebastian) Telfair and Shaun Livingston enter the draft. How much of an impact is that on your decision?

"A few guys had some impact on my decision but my ability is first and foremost. I know I can play with the best in the country and I think I have proved that. So now hopefully, I've just got to see what other people think about that and wait and see if I'm ready to take it to the next level."

Devin, did you look at other recent decision by guys like Dwayne Wade, Jameer Nelson and Reece Gaines. There were a whole bunch of guys within the past year that were faced with these kinds of decisions.

"I definitely looked at the situation, but I don't think their situations are similar to mine. I think I have a real unique situation and I can look at what they've done and how it's acted out, but I've got to pave my own way for myself and kind of believe in myself, and that's way I made the decision that I did."

You know what kind of a team you might have if you return. If you don't, what sort of a team do you think it would be and how Boo (Wade), Kammron (Taylor) and Michael Flowers, how would they be ready to go?

"Well I cant speak for Michael, but I can speak for Boo (Wade) and Kam (Taylor). I think by those two playing behind me, I've prepped them if I do leave. I think they'll be ready to step in and do the things that I've helped them to come along to learn how to do. With me, I think the team would be great, without me I think the team can still be great."

Over these last few weeks, was there a time where you thought maybe you were close to making another decision, be it staying or going all the way out? And then could you just talk a little bit about last night and were you up till four? Were you tossing and turning? How did you finally come down to that final decision?

"Over the past couple weeks I've been back and fourth. You could talk to me one day and you'd be certain I'd almost be staying and then you could talk to me a couple days later and you'd think I'm leaving again. I've been back and fourth across the board for the last three weeks. Last night was real hard. I think it was about 6:15 before I finally got to bed. Like I said it was a tough decision. With the way I have it now I still have the best of both worlds and can hopefully I can nail it down a little bit more within the next month."

Devin, can you describe how you feel now that you've done this? Is it relief? Are you more scared? What's going through you right now?

"I've got a million emotions going through me right now. It's sad, it's happy, it's relieved, it's scaredI could go through all the emotions in the book. I guess the most of it right now is just kind of relieved that I finally made a statement but scared to know what the future holds."

Do you know what you have to officially do to make this official?

"I have to send in two pieces of paper, two letters I believe. I think they are here today. I don't really know. I think my mommy has them. Hi mommy (nodding to front row)."

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