One of the nation's best planning<br> trip to NU

Ryan Reynolds can be counted as one of the elite in all of high school football. A number of elite teams have already offered him a scholarship. Now, he's just got to choose.

Explosive, physical, powerful, fast. Pick your favorite superlative and you have Ryan Reynolds. Bishop Gorman, a high school that's prominent in it's own right is debuting yet another prominent player.

The linebacker tallied almost 100 tackles, 10 of those for a loss, caused four fumbles and added six sacks during his junior campaign. That is just the tip of the iceberg as to why so many schools are clamoring to have Reynolds apart of their team. "He's what any coach could want," Bishop Gorman coach David White said. "He's explosive, moves to the ball well, tackles well and he does it for four quarters.

"There's a reason he's got as many offers as he does."

Thirty offers and counting to be exact. Reynolds is collecting written agreements from schools like most of us collect our breath. The star linebacker admits that he has to sometimes take a step back and breathe a little as well. This kind of deluge just was not expected at all. "You never think anything like this is going to happen," Reynolds said of the attention. "It's great, but you don't thinking you are that good or that you deserve all of this."

Oklahoma thought Reynolds deserved it. Enough so deliver the Nevada standout his first written scholarship offer: during his junior season. It is an offer that has stayed with him as THE offer thus far. "I've just gotten to know everyone there real well," he said. "I really like (co-defensive coordinator Brent Venables) and I've just gotten comfortable with them as a staff."

That comfort level is actually what separates the Sooners from everyone else, but as much as he is enamored with OU, Reynolds is not ready to commit. "Oklahoma is the team to beat," Reynolds reiterated. "But, that's right now and as time goes on, I'll get to know more coaches, talk more and who knows. I'm never going to rule anything out, because I still have an entire season to play."

With that in mind, there comes a host of other schools that would like to count themselves among those fighting for second place in the slight hope they can take over the top. Notre Dame, Michigan, Florida, Stanford, USC, Nebraska are just a few of those contestants. There are at least 23 more that have been calling, visiting and recruiting Reynolds like mad.

The good news for everyone else out there is that Reynolds is not ready to make his decision soon. Chances are, if any decision is going to come from Reynolds, it might have to wait until after his senior year.

As for the so-called off-season, Reynolds has already begun making the rounds. Miami, LSU, Wisconsin and Wisconsin, with a trip to Nebraska tentatively scheduled in early June. That is probably just one of many other future unofficial visits he will make before his last season in the high school ranks finally begins.

It is all good for Reynolds though, because when you have 30 offers sitting in the box right now, the worry is simply gone. "The offers are nice, because I don't have to worry about going anywhere." he said. "I still have to make a choice and that will be tough when I make it, but I can play my year and worry about how we do as a team."

"That's what I am trying hard to focus on right now."

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