Badger tailback arraigned

Dwayne Smith's trial date has not been set

MADISON, Wis.—Wisconsin running back Dwayne Smith sat silently in Dane County Circuit Court Tuesday as a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf. Smith was arraigned on a charge of second-degree sexual assault for allegedly raping a 19-year old woman Feb. 22.

Anwar Jones, who is not a football player, was also arraigned Tuesday and pled not guilty. Jones, 22, is charged with being party to the crime of second-degree sexual assault.

A trial date for the two cases was not set, but judge James L. Martin allowed 20 days for motions.

Smith's defense attorney, Charles W. Giesen and Jones' defense attorney, Dennis E. Burke, reiterated a request to receive all evidence that the district attorneys' office possesses.

"We are still asking the state to provide us with any evidence they may have," Giesen said. "In particular all of the exculpatory evidence; the evidence that's favorable to Dwayne and will help establish his innocence."

Giesen stated that they initially requested the evidence prior to Smith's preliminary hearing, which took place March. 26. "And none of that has yet been provided, but we are entitled to it," he said. "I hope will have it soon."

Giesen added that a plea agreement has not been discussed and that he did not know when to expect the trial to begin.

Smith, 20, was Wisconsin's leading rusher last season with 857 yards and nine touchdowns.

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