Wisconsin in the mix for Calif. quarterback

The Badgers are among Jason Forcier's favorites, but they will have to hold off Notre Dame and others if they want Forcier's services

San Diego St Augustine QB Jason Forcier (6-2, 205, 4.6) recently received offers from Wisconsin and UTEP, his only two so far. The Badgers are in the hunt but will have to overcome Notre Dame, which enjoys the advantage over Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Nebraska and Florida St. "If Notre Dame offers me, I'd say there's about an 85 percent chance I'll go there," Forcier said.

"I like the huge Notre Dame tradition. Everything seems so prestigious. What's not to like about Notre Dame even though they only had like a 5-5 record last year? They are rebuilding.

"They seem very thorough in their recruiting process. They're going to find out as much about me as possible before they offer. I'm kind of waiting on them. I'd like to decide where I'm going to go in late June or early July. QBs commit earlier because programs are usually only taking one or two.

"I'll probably go to the Notre Dame camp this summer. I know they are going to watch me at the Stanford/Nike camp and after that they'll be coming to my school. These schools have to see me throw because when I was at Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.) last season. We only threw the ball about 10 times a game."

"Wisconsin is another favorite, in part because they have offered me. Wisconsin has a high-tech, up-to-date campus and football program--and one of the top ten business schools in the country. I'd like to major in business I think. They were one of the schools I visited during spring break along with Notre Dame, Purdue, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Louisiana Tech, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, LSU and Texas. I'll most likely leave the state," Forcier added.

"My parents don't really have a preference but they want me to leave the state too, just so I can experience something new," Forcier said. "Even though I was born in San Diego, my dad is from Michigan and my mom is from New York. I grew up a Michigan fan, actually. But the Wolverines seem to be looking more for pro-style guys and I'm more of a dual threat QB.

"It doesn't seem like there's as much football tradition here in the West. They don't fill the stadiums as much as schools in the Big Ten do. People have just jumped on the bandwagon and started to watch USC the last few years, but it didn't seem like it was like that before. If I stayed in Calif., it would probably only be to go to Stanford, if I could get in.

"At St Augustine, we'll be running a lot of spread offense, some run-and-gun and shot gun. I should average throwing about 250 yards a game, I think. That's one of the reasons I also like Nebraska. They will be running just about the same offense we run. And they need QBs. The QBs they have in school aren't really passing guys and they didn't sign a blue-chip QB last year.

"The Virginia Tech campus is a lot nicer than I thought it was going to be. It's in the middle of the Smoky Mountains. It's very green back there. I like coach (Frank) Beamer a lot and how he uses his QBs. I'd say Virginia Tech, Notre Dame and Wisconsin are recruiting me the hardest.

"Another one of my favorites is Florida State. I know "Coach Mack" at St Bonaventure (Venture, Calif.). I've seen him at a few combines. I've known him since my freshman year. He says Florida State needs a QB and I might be able to come in and play early, like Chris Rix, who will be leaving. I'm similar to Chris as a runner and passer, even though he's been too inconsistent.

"The two most important things to me are playing early and a school's tradition."

Forcier has a 3.0 grade-point average and will take the SAT June 5.

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