Q & A with Jonathan Lewis

Carrollton (Texas) Newman-Smith High School defensive end/tight end has already received eight scholarship offers

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TI: Jonathan, how's recruiting going?

JL: It's going good.

TI: What schools are you most interested in?

JL: Most interested in: Kansas State and Alabama. Wisconsin. Texas A&M. Texas Tech and Tulane.

TI: What appeals to you about each of those schools?

JL: Kansas State, well I like their success on defense. Alabama, well my coach knows one of the coaches there, so we've gotten to be really close.

TI: What about the others?

JL: Wisconsin just offered me a week ago. One of my friends goes there and he says I'd really like it there and like the defense they play. Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Tulane, I haven't really looked at them that much.

TI: What do you have planned for this summer in the way of attending camps and making unofficial visits?

JL: I'm planning to go to the Kansas State and Alabama camps. And I want to go down to the one day camp at A&M.

TI: Let me ask you for your basic information: height, weight, bench press, squat, 40 time.

JL: Height, 6-2 weigh 265. My bench press max is 290 pounds. Squat 405 pounds. Forty time is 4.85.

TI: OK Jonathan, what are you looking for in a college?

JL: A good place. I need to be in a good defense. The education's important too.

TI: How's Carson-Newman going to do this year?

JL: Our defense is going to be a lot more powerful. We've got a lot of spots filled with returning starters and a lot of backups returning. the defense will win most of our games for us.

A version of this story originally published on TulaneInsider.com

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