Decision imminent

Brian Calhoun knows where he will transfer, but is waiting until he is released from his scholarship before he makes an announcement

As soon as Brian Calhoun and Gary Barnett have a chance to talk, Calhoun will be ready to announce where he will next play football.

Calhoun, a tailback from Oak Creek, Wis., originally said that he would transfer from Colorado in May, but he has not yet secured an official release from his scholarship. In order to do so, he needs to have an exit interview with Barnett and withdraw from classes. Barnett recently told the Boulder Daily Camera that neither had taken place. Calhoun confirmed that report Monday.

"I've tried to contact him a few times and he hasn't been there and vice versa," Calhoun said. "It's not really like we are trying not to talk to each other. It's more of we've both been busy and we just haven't seen eye-to-eye of late."

Calhoun said he still intends to transfer and has even picked out the school, but he wants to wait until he gets his official release before discussing his destination. He expects to have the release in a "day or two."

Calhoun spent two years at Colorado, leading the Buffaloes with 810 rushing yards on 195 carries last season. As a true freshman in 2002, he had 67 carries for 298 yards.

Calhoun, though, was unhappy with the way he was used in the Buffaloes offense, which he cited as the primary reason he chose to transfer. If Calhoun had stayed at Colorado, there is a strong possibility that he would have been converted to wide receiver, a change that did not suit him.

"I guess it is kind of tied into switching positions. But it is more of, I was kind of upset about the way I was used last year," Calhoun said. "I don't think I was used the right way. It was all kind of issues. It kind of just boiled down to a lot of different things."

Calhoun insisted that the investigation into Colorado recruiting practices and sexual assault allegations levied against some Colorado players had nothing to do with his decision to transfer.

"It had nothing to do with the whole investigation," he said. "That was totally blown out of proportion. I think it was just, I think a little bit of trust was lost between me and the coaches and we quite didn't see eye-to-eye on where my future was. And I think it was just, it made me uncomfortable and it made me say, ‘you know what, it is time for me to move on.'"

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