Jamison plans to visit Wisconsin

Thornton Township defensive end has the Badgers clearly marked in his top three

Call it recruiting Terrance Jamison, part two. Terrance Jamison, a 6-foot-4, 230-pound defensive end prospect from Thornton Township High School (Harvey, Ill.), is the younger brother of Tim Jamison, the Army All-American prep defensive end who will begin his freshman year at Michigan in August.

Terrance, like his older brother, will spend this fall and winter in a recruiting limelight as schools vie for his collegiate services. But Terrance has been here before. After watching his older brother go through the process, and going along for many of Tim's visits, Terrance is well versed in the world of recruiting. And he has, by way of his brother, already taken a number of unofficial visits, including trips to Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Essentially, Terrance Jamison knows the drill. He not only knows it, he feels he can improve upon it.

"I'm going to have things more organized," Terrance said. "He wasn't really organized. I feeded off him and what he did. He didn't make too many mistakes but it was a tough choice for him.

"I'm going to be writing down notes and things. He didn't do these things. I'm going to make a better decision for myself."

Tim Jamison waited until near the very end of the recruiting process before choosing the Wolverines over Wisconsin and Michigan State. Terrance expects to choose earlier, but still wants to let the ball roll to an extent.

"I plan on weighing all my options after the season," Terrance said. "As far as Wisconsin, they are top three. They are just up there. It is a real good school."

When asked which other programs were in the top three, Terrance answered with Michigan and Notre Dame.

So far, Wisconsin, Indiana and Northern Illinois have offered Jamison a scholarship. If Michigan were to offer, Terrance would have the option of following older brother Tim to Ann Arbor, but that would not necessarily be the case.

"It wouldn't be tough [to go somewhere else] because I'm kind of not leaning towards Michigan," Terrance said. "I might go a different route than my brother."

That different route could certainly lead Jamison to Madison or South Bend. With a decision not coming until at least after his senior season of high school, though, Terrance has left time for other potential suitors to step up.

He does know where he will take one of his official visits, however.

"I know for a fact that I want to take an official visit to Wisconsin but other than that I'm not sure," Jamison said.

Terrance attended a junior day in Madison in February, which included a trip to a basketball game. He also visited Camp Randall when the Badgers hosted Michigan State last fall and he came away impressed.

"I loved their environment, their crowd, even in a basketball game, and I know, because I've been to a football game when they played Michigan State, I like the crowd," Terrance said. "The crowd is crazy."

Terrance knows the Badgers' Thornton alumni: incoming freshman Marcus Randle El and redshirt freshman Brandon Tobias.

"I know a couple of their players," he said. "That's good. That's a plus.

"I like the team chemistry, the school's environment and they were talking to me about the academic program in which they have the football facilities and the tutoring program in the same building. That was a plus. Basically, I do like Wisconsin."

Jamison said he made a visit to Iowa in May and came away with lukewarm feelings toward the Hawkeyes.

"Iowa was all right," Terrance said. "They were talking to us about the academic program. I want to be in architecture studies. They didn't have that. They had civil engineering. I went to their spring game before when my brother was getting recruited. It was all right and their workout program was all right."

Jamison said that each of his three favorites had a major degree program that suited his preference.

Terrance will follow in his brother's foot steps at Thornton this year. He is being recruited as a defensive end, despite only sparingly playing that position last season, when he played across the offensive line. This year, though, Terrance expects to play defensive end, where his brother starred for the Wildcats.

Terrance did not attend any football camps this summer, choosing instead to work out with his prep teammates throughout the summer.

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