Sixth starter?

Mike Lorenz and Morgan Davis are competing at right tackle, but each could receive significant playing time this year

One of the tightest battles of fall camp continues to be right tackle. Incumbent Mike Lorenz is competing with Morgan Davis, who was pushed from the left side to the right side by the emergence of sophomore Joe Thomas at left tackle. Wisconsin head coach Barry Alvarez, however, is not sweating over who to name the starter.

"Both of them are going to play a lot. I don't want to make a big deal out of who the starter is and somebody else is the No. 2 guy," he said. "That's not the case at all. Both of those guys have been starters, both of them are going to play a lot of football."

And they could play in a variety of ways. Lorenz has experience as a jumbo tight end and has practiced at that position consistently this fall. He also continues to split reps on both the first and second offense with Davis at right tackle.

Lorenz took the bulk of the reps at right tackle for a couple days of practice earlier this week, when Jonathan Clinkscale was out with a mild knee injury. In his absence, Davis took reps at right guard. Since Clinkscale's return, Davis has continued to work in at right guard and Thursday Clinkscale played a few series at left guard in addition to the bulk of the right-guard reps.

Davis' and Lorenz' abilities to play multiple positions could allow Wisconsin to essentially start six linemen, with Davis and Lorenz potentially picking up extra reps here and there, while Clinkscale continues to start at right guard.

"Morgan brings a little versatility," Alvarez said. "Mike can play tight end in the jumbo package. So they're going to play. It's not one of those situations where you are going to relegate one of the guys to a bench situation. That's not it at all. But they're pushing one another because they both want to be in there. If it separates too much than obviously one would get more reps."

Lorenz, Davis and the offensive line generally, have had strong fall camps. Lorenz has improved his pass blocking, and Davis has looked good whether playing right tackle or right guard.

"For not ever being there before, I don't see a breakdown," Alvarez said of Davis' right guard play. "He gives you substance in there, gives you a big old body that can move people. So, yeah, I have liked… what I've seen."

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