Camp complete, work remains

Alvarez not content with any aspect of the game

Wisconsin broke fall training camp Friday morning with one week to go before its season opener against Central Florida and a ‘needs improvement' grade from head coach Barry Alvarez.

"I'm not satisfied. I don't think we are where we need to be in any phase of our game," Alvarez said. "I think we need to continue to get better. I'm not pleased with any of it. I think we have a lot of work to do, on both sides of the football, cleaning things up this week."

The Badgers concluded fall camp with a closed-door game simulation at Camp Randall. Alvarez address the media following the morning's session, during which he said the Badgers worked on a variety of game situations, focusing on areas that had not been previously covered in practice, such as the kicking game following a safety.

"We've touched it all and been through it all," Alvarez said. "Now, it's our guys are tired. They're worn out and beat up and we'll give them a little time to bounce back and then we'll really start putting in a game plan on Sunday mentally and pick it up with work days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday."

The game simulation Friday morning also included complete testing of Camp Randall's new video and audio systems, as well as other systems within the structure.

"They had a few glitches in the replay board and the sound system today," Alvarez said. "I'm sure they're pleased that they went through it, so that they can correct them and hopefully Saturday that will all go smooth."

Alvarez, though, said he was not too worried about the stadium.

"I've got other people to worry about that," he said. "The most important thing is that the football team goes smoothly."

A little heat for the sendoff

Hot, muggy weather finally arrived for the past two days of fall camp, with air temperatures in the 80s. Genuine August weather.

"Thank goodness we had some heat the last two days," Alvarez said. "I think it was right at about 100 yesterday, on the field temperature…I like that for conditioning purposes."

The field may be warmer this season due to the redesign. In the afternoon, when the sun peaks over the west stands, sunlight reflects off the windows on the new luxury suits and club suites and heats the field.

"That heat really radiates off of the reflection," Alvarez said. "You can just tell a major difference."

Punting job still up in the air

Alvarez said that the coaching staff has not yet made a decision regarding a No. 1 punter. Incumbent senior R.J. Morse competed with redshirt freshman Kenneth DeBauche throughout camp. While a decision has not been made, Alvarez did applaud DeBauche for a punt Friday that went about 70 yards.

"I'm just interested in the one that can kick it the furthest and the most consistent," Alvarez said. "That's all I'm concerned with."

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